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Let's Be Nobody Together

March 11, 2012
By IfYoureMad-KillWithKindness GOLD, West Grove, Pennsylvania
IfYoureMad-KillWithKindness GOLD, West Grove, Pennsylvania
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               I heard the cashier shouting and fear made my legs shake but my adrenaline kept me going. Besides I have to. I can't afford anything anymore. Mom dying. Dad abandoning me just months after. Even though it's been four years I still can't get past the fear I feel when I steal for my food, water, shelter. If somebody caught me I don't know what I'd do. I've worked hard to make myself nobody. To be just a shadow on the alley walls. Invisible and uncared for. I'm sixteen and I'm all alone in the world. 
         It was April first. April fools day they called it. I wish her death had been only some sick joke, but she didn't wake up. Se had been in a comma before she died and her vitals had always remained steady. I was like a light switch that was flicked on but the light bulb was dead. The day she died it was like that light switch going off. Now it was four years later and it was April first again.
       I ran down the alleys a bouquet of daisies in one hand and a bag of food and water in the other. I ran until I reached my home. A small little corner over a heating vent in a back alley that no one seemed to know about but me. There I had a makeshift roof of old dumpster lids with sheets as my curtains hanging down attached by duct-tape. Pushing the curtains apart I laid the bag of food on a blanket and a mattress I had found a way to steal from me of their moving trucks. Then I left and ran the back alley pathways until I came to Arnold burned down church on a hill with a cemetery below.
        I found the headstone immediately. I always visited on Sundays. I used to be very religious, a true Christian, but after her death I couldn't of to church anymore, however I still kept it up with visiting her grave.
" hey mom, it's Vixie. I brought you your favorite flower." I laid the flowers on the grass in front of her grave and sat there cross legged. I told her about my week and how I hoped she could forgive me for stealing again. I told her about the kind old woman who had seen me walking on the street freezing with no coat and took me to buy one
" I have no money, I can't pay for it' that's what I told her. Do you know what she said?" I smiled at the memory. The woman's generosity had made me feel loved again. " she said ' I don't wanna hear it sweetie I will not see you freeze your panties off! And don't worry about repaying me either.' that's what she said mom."  I told her how the old lady reminded me of the fairy god mothers from the fairy tails she used to read me.
" if only fairy god mothers were real. I think I'd wish for a family." I sighed and said goodbye to my mother's grave and walked the cold streets alone.
          I was nearing the old park I had used to go to when I was little and before it became dilapidated and unused. I sat down on the rusty unstable swing set and gently rocked back and forth staring at my worn out black vans that I had stolen a year ago from a Journeys at the mall. I pulled my gray beanie tighter over my long black hair. I had dyed it for two reasons, one because I wanted to, and two, because I didn't want to be recognized.
       I picked at the fraying rips all along my skinny jeans. Yes, I had stolen those to, but that was a while ago and the holes were naturally made. The park here had become popular for homeless people like myself, though I don't know why. Hate place provided weak shelter and was always shaded and cold. Not very good when you live in Canada.
" hey," I looked up when I heard a voice, certain it was the cops I started to stand, " don't worry I'm not the police, actually I'm a newbie to the homeless scene." I guess it was obvious I was also homeless, judging by the way I looked I could see how he'd guess that.
" so go deal with it yourself, I don't help. It's better for you to figure it out yourself." I looked up at him, he had brown eyes and dark brown hair covered my a beanie. He wore a hoodie that was tattered at the ends of the sleeves and a pair of jeans with holes in the knees.
" I don't really care about myself, I'm just worried about my little sis, she's only five and we were kicked out of our foster home." dang the sympathy tactic. He called out in another direction, it sounded like he was calling for a girl named Eva. " I'm, Marcus, this is my little sis Eva. I'd really appreciate your help." 
       I stared I to the eyes of a little girl who had the same brown eyes and long brown hair. She still had slightly chubby cheeks but was otherwise rail thin. She wore a pair of tiny sweatpants and a pink care-bear sweatshirt. I couldn't not help them. Mom would be disappointed in me.
" I'm Vix. I'll help you. You can stay with me. But," I stopped and stared him straight in the eyes, full on serious face. " you have to be nobody." he smiled and so did Eva.
" then we'll be nowody togeter." Eva said this smiling up at me in a still babyish voice. My heart felt for her.
" yeah, we'll be nobody together, that's right." I smiled back at her and she ran over and gave me a hug. Marcus joined in and kissed my cheek.
" don't forget me. I wanna be nobody too." I laughed for the first time in four long years and playfully smacked him upside the head and he laughed to. Thanks fairy godmother.

The author's comments:
Maybe fairy god others do exist

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