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My Brave Little Sister

March 17, 2012
By JustALittleBitOfMe BRONZE, Hampshire, Other
JustALittleBitOfMe BRONZE, Hampshire, Other
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Her eyes shone as she sprinted across the golden beach, her long black hair billowing behind her. She always had to be the first to the sea. Squealing as the waves washed over her little pink toes, she turned and ran back up the beach towards us.
I laughed .It was hard not to, she was so excited about everything, even the seagulls! One flew down and tried to steal some of her chips but she just laughed and threw the chip towards it. In a few seconds we had a full scale riot going on, Seagulls throwing themselves around trying to get some of her chips. Soon there was none left, but she just smiled and giggled.
I hang on to this memory like it was my life line, as I hold her hand, never wanting to let it go. But I have to.
I bring myself to look at her, choking back tears. Her long black hair long since gone, the rosiness from her cheeks long since faded away. But I know, underneath those closed eyelids her soft blue eyes are still the same.
I notice a small slip of paper in her hand and I gently pull it out. Written on it were the words that made me know I had to be as strong as her.
Don’t worry Kay, I’m dreaming of the sea.
I close my eyes as the machine shuts off, and I too think about the calm blue sea.

I walk along the gravel path and I see her everywhere. In the singing larks in the trees, in the dainty flowers on the ground. But most of all I see her in the sea. Definitely in the sea.
It’s there up ahead of me; the letters shining so brightly I don’t even need to go close to read them. Only Part of them registers. “A Brave Little Girl” Yeah that’s her. My Brave Little Sister.
I arrange the flowers on the soft ground and stare for a moment at the stone. A small slip of paper falls at my feet. I pick it up and stare uncomprehendingly at the words. When they finally register in my mind, I fall to the ground shaking. I curl up in a ball, small and insignificant, the words stuck in my mind.
“Don’t worry I’m still dreaming”
I look up, watching the last piece of my brave little sister floating away.

The author's comments:
This story was written by me for a local competition and i wanted to see what everyone thought about it :)

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on Mar. 31 2012 at 2:42 am
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This made me cry, I never cry!