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Welcome to the Madness

June 9, 2012
By Kitti-Chan PLATINUM, Wichita, Kansas
Kitti-Chan PLATINUM, Wichita, Kansas
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"Accept what you can't change. Change what you can't accept."

I never wanted things to end like this. I never wanted for it to go as far as it did. But we can't have everything that we want now can we?
It was never my intention to hurt anybody else. I never wanted to hurt anybody. I can't stop now though.
This... thing... it has taken over. Armed with primal instincts to kill, it is more deadly than anything I've ever known. IT has put the blood on my hands. I never wished it so.
Did I?
I never wanted it to become a part of me.
Did I?
How did it go this far?
I never wanted it to.
Did I?
But this feeling, it's so addictive. I just want to feel it again and again. I've never wanted to feel anything before this. I went through life numb and thoughtless. But now... NOW, I know what it is to feel, to think.
I have never been so alive.
I wish it were the same for them, but they are only minor sacrifices for the greater good. The perfect utopia.
I feel the glinting edge, sharp and deadly.
I watch as the red smear across my skin.
I watch as the red becomes apart of me.
Has it always been apart of me?
In this moment all is perfect.
In this moment, I am the perfect thoughtful being.
I am the god of this new world. I will fix this place, I will.
Try and stop me mortals. Try and stop your judgement.
I smirk, blood dripping from me. Every part of me touched by this sickly, amazing substance.
Prepare yourselves mortals.
Maybe... MAYBE I just like this feeling of utter control. How would a perfect world fare with imperfect beings anyways?
Welcome to the madness.
Welcome to my mind.
Welcome to this world as I destroy the very fabric of our society. The links between each human being as I terminate several of the links of the chain.

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