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Clocks in the Grand Ballroom

July 10, 2012
By Matt_Mc BRONZE, Johnstown, Ohio
Matt_Mc BRONZE, Johnstown, Ohio
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Once again, the doors opened into the grand ballroom and people filled inside. The ballroom was grandeur with walls and windows that reached up to infinity. Silk curtains draped around the windows and the floor was designed with marble. Pillars went up to support a roof that could not be seen and clocks covered every inch of the walls, ticking away. Music began to play and everyone got into pairs. They dressed in what was proper and began to dance. They talked and laughed as they danced but they would all glance nervously at the clocks. They did so on their own, but everyone would glance at the clocks at some point. Then they continued to dance as the clocks kept ticking.

And then the cold death swept over them all!

The clocks stopped ticking and let off their chimes. Everyone stopped dancing, for they knew the clocks would stop ticking but never believed it would truly happen. Then they all fell to the floor. They stopped breathing and turned still and cold on the floor of the ballroom. The clocks began to tick again and the doors came open to let everyone inside. The ballroom filled with people and they stepped over the bodies. Acknowledging them, but not noticing them. They dressed in what was proper and got into pairs. The music began and they danced to a new tune. They talked and laughed as they danced but would glance nervously at the clocks on occasion. Waiting, but not expecting, for the clocks to chime again.

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