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August 27, 2012
By 6.2830 BRONZE, Viennia, Virginia
6.2830 BRONZE, Viennia, Virginia
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Wilson's feet slap the pavement as he ran down a dark narrow street in New York City. Making a quick turn he sprinted down a nearby hidden ally and hid behind a dumpster. Clutching bag that was used to hold 3 laptops, he waited in silence for the unforgettable police siren. Looking back to the day that started this robbery, he wondered if it was worth it. Worth the three laptops in the black trash bag. Worth the 1,500 dollars he needed desperately.

Two days ago Wilson was siting alone begging for money on the side of the street. As high appointed workers walked past looking at there there phones and texting while mothers whom take there children to day care and school grip their child's hand a little tighter as they walk past. But one day a man walked toward Wilson. Preparing for the sound of the little quarter dropping into the old coffee cup, Wilson put a yellow toothed grin on his face.

But the man did not drop a quarter, he dropped a note.

Wilson fished the note out of the coffee cup and read:

If you need money, this is what you need to do: meet me at this spot, today at about 2.

Two pm. No one.

Two am. Some one.

A dark haired man walked down the street. Wilson got up off the shopping cart that housed his few things. The man did nat slow down when approaching Wilson. He kept walking pass him and then dropped another note at his feet. This note read:

I need three laptops each 500 dollars or more. Drop them at hotel room 102 at the Roosevelt in a black trash bag on Friday night. A blue polo and the black shorts that will be found in the NYC Beauty store bathrooms behind the heater in Times Square. Wear them. There should be a navy blue pair of Toms in that bathroom. Wear them, too. Knock on the door three times. I will come out, give you 1,500 dollars and take the bag.
Do not speak to anyone.
Do not leave any traces.
Be unnoticed.

That note changed his name from Homeless person, to Bad Guy.

Wilson herd the sirens. They were coming closer and closer. Finally they stopped. 5 big men stepped out of there black and white cars. Pointing her gun, a young woman ran in front. "Put your hands on your head and step away from the dumpster!" she yelled.

Wilson did as she said and stepped away, put his hands on his head and watched as the police come forward to take him away. With handcuffs around his wrists he was put into the woman's police car.

During the ride, Wilson wondered what he would be sentenced to. He was wondering if it would be better than being homeless. Well, he would find out soon enough.

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