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Timmy's Christmas Wish

December 14, 2012
By alohagirl7 GOLD, Klawock, Alaska
alohagirl7 GOLD, Klawock, Alaska
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They say your wishes will always come true if you don’t ever give up on it. Just keep wishing upon a star, just as Timmy did.

Down the streets, passed all the stores, malls, and happy families there was an orphanage. It’s just a big ramshackle building, all run down with pieces of paint tumbling off, day after day. Inside the orphanage there were many kids. Out of all those kids there, the smallest boy had the biggest dream.

“One wish from Santa, one wish.” Begged Timmy, as he was wishing upon a star. The same star he has been wishing on for roughly 3 years.

“Timmy, one day we will not be here anymore, one day we will be with a happy family that will support us and let us have a good Christmas. Now lay down and get some rest, we have school tomorrow, and then after it is “Christmas” break.”

“Okay sister, but will you sleep by me Marie?”

“Okay, but just tonight okay?”

“Goodnight sissy.”

“Goodnight Timmy, don’t give up on your dreams, mom and dad wouldn’t want that.”

It was the middle of a snowy, cold night. Timmy and Marie woke up because their best friends; Makai and Alex came obnoxiously running into the room. Alex went rambling on about Santa, Elves, Reindeer and presents. We were both confused on what was going on.

“Alex! Calm down, tell me slowly what you are trying to say.” Exclaimed Marie.

“Okay! Santa is on the roof top, he says he will take us to the North Pole!”

“Santa! We have to go marie, we have to! We have to! So I can make my wish.”

“Hold on Timmy, what are you talking about Alex?”

“Come see for yourself.” mumbled Makai.

The four children crept quietly down the halls, up the squeaky stairs, and to the roof top.

Marie couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It was Santa, it was his elves. It was reindeer!

“Ho ho ho. I see we have some passengers that are ready to head to the North Pole right?”

“yeah!” All the kids screamed in unison.

The kids all hopped in Santa’s sleigh. They were oh so joyful. Marie wondered when they’re going to come back here, not that she wanted to come back to this old, lonely, rickety place. The reindeer started to haul the sleigh into the air. The kids were smiling and laughing, as the snow flakes were hitting their faces as they overviewed all the Christmas lit houses, filled with happy families.

Soon enough the sleigh arrived in this gigantic Christmas wonderland. There were elves working on presents, wrapped gifts being loaded onto a sleigh, and Christmas candies everywhere. It was just as Timmy dreamed.

“How do you like it here kids?” Santa said with cheer.

“It is awesome! And beautiful too!”

“But why did you bring us here sir?” Asked Marie

“I heard little Timmy’s wishes, I figured I’d make them come true. I’ll give you one Christmas wish.”

Timmy grew very excited. He knew what he wanted to wish for already.

“Can I make my wish now Santa?”

“Ho, ho, ho. No. Not before I give everyone their Christmas present, hold your horses.”

The kids waited anxiously as the elves brought each of them a gift. He handed it from oldest to youngest. He started with Marie, then Makai, then Alex then lastly Little Timmy. Each of them quietly unwrapped their gifts. They were what they all wanted. Marie got a new necklace, Makai received a puppy, Alex got the new remote control race car and finally lil Timmy got a card that said he had one wish.

“I am ready to use my wish Santa, can I use it now?” asked Timmy.

“I don’t see why not,” Santa said.

Timmy glanced at his sister and smiled slightly. Then he whispered in Santa’s ear what his wish was. Santa gave him this puzzled look and told Rich Nick the elf to come over. He whispers into the elves ear what the wish was. The elf gave Santa a look of confusion also. They exchanged glances and finally Rich Nick spoke. “I don’t think we can make your wish come true. It is too complicated. We deal with presents, toys, animals, etc, not things like that.”

“But why not? That is all I wish for. I do not want toys or pets. I want a family. We all do. That is our gift. Please Santa.”

“Yeah Santa, please.” All the children begged.

Santa sighed and looked at the children with sadness in his eyes, about ready to say that he couldn’t make the wish come true, then Rich interrupted. “Santa, all this information about Timmy and the rest of the kids show that they have been good and thankful all year, they deserve this. It is his wish, and we are here to make it come true. Come on Santa, it is almost Christmas.”

The four children looked at him, begging with their eyes. Hoping that Timmy’s wish, which was also theirs would come true. Mr. Claus finally grinned from ear to ear and exclaimed, “May your Christmas wish be granted!”

Makai, Timmy, Alex and Marie were oh so ecstatic. All of a sudden they started hearing a loud voice yelling excitedly. First Timmy, then Marie woke up. It was a dream. They were both sad. Then they realized something felt different, the room they were in felt like a home. The voice down stairs sounded friendlier than the ones at the orphanage. They looked at each other perplexed. Subsequently they ran down stairs. There was a Christmas tree, decorations, stockings and man and a women. Timmy and Marie both knew what was going on. They felt like something wasn’t right, until Makai and Alex came rushing downstairs with joyful smiles on their face. They opened Christmas eve gifts, shared stories and gathered around the fire, just as a family would do.

Their dreams probably would have never been reached if it was not for a boy who never gave up. They have a family to spend Christmas with and that’s all they wanted. Dreams always come true, you just have to wish upon the right star and most importantly, never give up.

The End

The author's comments:
Christmas is about family.

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