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The Little Town That Judged

February 4, 2014
By Rayraph14 SILVER, Sunnyvale, California
Rayraph14 SILVER, Sunnyvale, California
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Once upon a time, there was a little town in the middle of the USA. That little town was very plain and old fashioned. Everyone there was once race, Caucasian, the boys played sports and did all the “manly” work and the girls cooked and cleaned and did the girly things like dance and gymnastics and music. In that little town, all the families were together, no one ever had marriage problems, and all the children grew up and went to college and never dropped a course. Everyone in that little town was happy being content.

A little place just at the edge of the town, construction workers started building and soon enough a few new houses were built. Not long after, a little family moved in. There was a mother and a father and a 16 year old girl who was a straight A student. They all got along and seemed like every other family in that town, except for one problem. They were black. The town people were all white and stuck in the 1940s.

That family had a hard time fitting in, in fact they never actually did. The father couldn’t find a job anywhere for months and when he finally did; they made him do all the hardest and grossest jobs they had. The mother was a nurse and had gotten the job before they moved, so her coworkers didn’t actually know what she looked like before she moved. She was a great nurse and they all knew that, but her coworkers and patients would complain about her all the time and she ended up getting fired. The daughter went to the local high school and got bullied all day. The girl who once got straight As started to suffer in high school because she kept on getting tormented and couldn’t concentrate anymore. She was known as The Girl Who Couldn’t Do Anything Right. That family had a very tough year, but stayed because they couldn’t afford to move.

In the summer, a new family moved onto the street of new houses. This family was a big family. There was a mom and a dad and 4 boys. The town loved this family because they were white and the boys were such gentlemen. All the mothers wanted these boys for their daughters, but when school rolled back around and extra-curricular activities started up again, the town changed their mind. The oldest boy, who was 17, signed up for ballet. The second oldest was 15 and signed up for vocal lessons. The third was 13 and signed up for figure skating and the youngest who was 11 years old signed up for gymnastics. In all these activities, the boys were the only boys there and they got bullied for it. Just like the black girl, they got nicknames that everyone would know them by. The eldest was Mr. Ballerina, the second was Choir Boy, the third was Cinderella on Ice and the youngest was Cheer Boy. The boys got tormented and started failing at their activities, but they never gave up.

One day, Choir Boy was walking around school, trying to avoid bullies, when he bumped into The Girl Who Couldn’t Do Anything Right. They started talking and became friends, soon enough her, Choir Boy and Mr. Ballerina formed a group and hung out together. Sometimes they would include Cinderella on Ice and Cheer Boy and they’d have fun in their little group. Together, they called themselves the Reject Group and slowly started to do better in what they love.

About halfway through the year, another family moved in and straight away the town had problems with them. First of all, they were a mixed race family, which the town obviously didn’t like. What made it worse is that the parents were going through a tough time in their marriage and would yell a lot. But the thing that made the town despise them the most was the fact that they had an autistic son and a daughter who was a juvenile delinquent. The girl would skip school a lot to do drugs, the boy would freak out a lot and the parents would yell and cause scenes a lot. The family was just a lot. Fortunately, for the girl, she never got bullied, but no one wanted to talk either, so she ended up befriending the Reject Group who tried to get her to at least go to school. Her nickname was The One with No Future.

After them, no new families moved in for a while and when they did they fit right in the rest of the town. The town dialed down their torments, but never fully stopped. The Reject Group still suffered the bullying until they went off to college. The One with No Future eventually stopped doing drugs and went to college. At first, she dropped a whole bunch of classes, but finally figured out what she wanted to do. She started a company that helps teens to stop doing drugs and to start getting on with their life. Her parents eventually split up and moved away from the town and ended up on opposite sides of the country. Her brother didn’t like going back forth, so he moved in with his sister who had a great future.

Mr. Ballerina continued on with ballet and ended up being one of the top male ballet dancers in the world. People still called him Mr. Ballerina, but this time it was more out of respect, than out of ignorance. His brothers also became famous. Choir Boy became a famous recording artist and even guest judged on a few shows. One time, during a meet and greet, one of his former bullies, Jim, was there with his son. His son was so excited to see Choir Boy and told him that he’s a huge inspiration to him and that he sings because of him. Choir Boy just couldn’t help, but give Jim a smug smile.

Cinderella on Ice and Cheer Boy started training with big time coaches, once they started college and they ended up going to the Olympics together. They both became Olympic gold medalists and America’s Manliest Men. All the brothers, were voted for America’s Most Handsome Man and won four years in a row, each one their own year. The boys once again had girls fawning over them and mothers too.

Last, but certainly not least, The Girl Who Couldn't Do Anything Right, definitely did something right, when she became President of the United States. During her first year of presidency, her and her Reject Group went all around America telling their story. When they went to the town that started it all, they still acted the same way and were stuck in the 1940s. The rest of America gave them a nickname, The Little Town That Judged.

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