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The Kidnapper

November 8, 2008
By Anonymous

I remember how scared I was as I looked my kidnapper in the eyes. He had a mescalin face, with sharp peircing green eyes that I still can picture in my mind. I was able to escape, reunited with the casual school, friends, as well as adding in the new therapy sessions. I was fine except for the fact that they can't find him. Knowing he's still out there some where makes me worried. I of course filed a police report but still no luck. Three months have gone by now and still nothing. My mother tried to keep me busy: shopping, cleaning, going to the movies, but I just couldn't let it go. Of course it was hard, I dreamed of that face every night. How could I forget? It was the only thing I could recognize as him. My mother and I were at Wal-Mart and as i bent down to a vault off the shelf, I saw him. He was working behind the cashier counter. I almost fainted as I looked int his face. Those eyes scared me more than anything. His nameplate said "Derrington." A name with a face. I don't know whether I should of known his name. The memory of it will never leave now. The cops arrived shortly, giving "Derrington" the usual-"remain silent.." all that. A year passed, he was ruled guilty and thrown in jail. It was over but I'll never be able to erase the kidnapper with those peircing eyes.

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