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The Dream

November 11, 2008
By Anonymous

I was sitting on my bed trying to finish my homework. I was trying to get it done, but my eyes kept closing. It was getting hard for me to pay attention to what I was doing, so I decided that I would just rest for a minutes and then wake up and finish my homework. I laid down and closed my eyes.

I started to have a dream. I was getting out of the car to walk into school. I looked at my durable school and started to walk through the doors. As I walked I started to notice little piles of rubble, this was very weird for our nice and durable school. I went to my locker and put my books in it. I then started to talk to my friends before the bell rang.

The bell rang and I started to walk towards Language class. As I walked in my teacher started to bountifully give books out. Every student took a book and sat down at their desk. My Language teacher then asked us to excerpt fifty adages out of the book and write down what they meant. This was very antic behavior from my Language teacher because she usually doesn’t make us do so much work.

My second class is Math so I started to walk to my Math classroom. As soon as the second bell rang my Math teacher walked to the front of the classroom. She got the classes attention and then she started to talk. She avowed that our class needed to be more enterprising about math. She then started to teach us about oblique shapes. The class took notes and started on the lesson. Now the shocker of the whole class was that our Math teacher, who never minimizes any assignments, decided that we could take a brake and only do the even problems.

U.S. History was my next class so I started on my way to that class. Now in U.S. History we don’t really do that much work, but for some weird reason our teacher was going into great detail about certain events. He talked about all of the bonanzas that were found in California. He talked about a servile that lived in Mississippi. He also talked about Queen Elizabeth who lived on a citadel. Queen Elizabeth had just sent a decree to her people that they could not spit on the ground. The whole class laughed at the new decree Queen Elizabeth had come up with. We decided that she wanted her ground very frugal! As the bell rang my classmates and I all walked out of the classroom talking about how backwards all of our teachers were being.

My next class was Science and I was just waiting to see what would happen in this class. My Science teacher was a bit different and liked to wrangle with her students. I hurried and got my books and started off for my Science class. As soon as I opened the door I saw my teacher hovering around the classroom in a hovercraft. I went to sit down but she invalidated my books. This lead to me chasing her around the room trying to get my books. When I had finally got my books from her I was exhausted! She then went throughout the whole class stealing every class members books. When the bell finally rang we went to a lunch hour assembly.

The whole school was sitting down with a vigil watch on the stage. Everything had been going so weird today that we had to watch and see what would happen next. Out of no where, our principal popped out wearing an incognito costume. The principal then did a dance while the whole audience gave a glut of plaudits.

My next class was Physical Education. As I walked in to the gym, my class was jostling around to see what the teacher’s game was. My teacher then put us in groups to play a collaborating game. The objective of the game was to get your whole team from one side of the gym to the other. You could not let anyone get a detriment or laggard behind. We all had a great time playing a game in Physical Education because usually we had to be very serious and work hard.

My next class was Spanish and I dreaded it because the teacher was very churlish. I walked into the classroom and gingerly sat down so that the teacher wouldn’t notice me. My teacher precluded this by turning around and talking to me. The conversation grew into bantering remarks back and forth. He was in such a good mood that he decided to devoid all of the assignments for the day! My friend and I just sat and talked to each other about how all of the teachers had been acting so strange.

My last and final class of the day was Chorus. When I opened the door there was a lot of kids talking and the room was all congested with people. With everybody talking it made a very discordant sound. The noise evolved to a very high level when our Chorus teacher walked into the room. She got everyone that didn’t belong in the room out and we started on a new song. The bell finally rang for school to be out!

I then flew up feeling a little skittish. I groped around with my hands to see where I was. I then rubbed my eyes and looked down at all the books sitting on my lap. I realized that I had a dream that was at school, but it had been a little mixed up! I was glad that I had reverted back to my house and then started to work on my homework.

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