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"Sudden Changes"

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Giselle was a lucky 18-year-old girl. She was the most popular girl in high school. She was the captain of the cheerleading squad, she was in advanced classes, her boyfriend was the star football player, and she got along great with all her family and friends. Giselle was born in the warm, beautiful country of Colombia on February 14th. This is where her parents first met while being on a job trip. Her mom was a strict woman from Madrid, Spain. She liked everything to be in its place and perfect. Her dad was the laid back type, a cool New Yorker guy.
Everyday was always perfect for Giselle Jones. She got up early everyday to get ready for school and to look her best. Her mom would prepare Giselle and her little sister breakfast every morning before going to work. Before mom would go out the door, she would say, "Take care girls! Do good in school and don't get into any trouble." Giselle being the good girl that she is, she would say, "Don't worry mami! I love you! Have a great day at work!"
Dad was the complete opposite. He was really laid back and he had that deep New Yorker accent. He loved to watch baseball games and go to the bars in his free time with his close buddies. In the mornings he worked as a real estate agent. He worked really hard to become a good real estate agent and now he gets good money to support his family. Dad loved his wife, he would say, "She will always be my one and only true love."
Giselle was a senior at The Bay High School. Every teacher and student talked to her and liked her very much. She did a lot of different activities to help out the community and she always had time to tutor some students that needed help in certain classes. On Friday's she always went to her boyfriend's football games. His name was Xavier Thomas. This was Giselle's first serious relationship; they have been together for a year now. Xavier always surprised Giselle by bringing her flowers or a cute teddy bear to school.
One day after school, she picked up her little sister and dropped her off home. Then Giselle decided to go get her palm read by a so called "La Bruja", with one of her best friends. She was very excited because she had always wanted to do this. The first one to enter was Giselle. Once La Bruja looked at Giselle's palm, she was surprised. "I see that everything in your life is perfect right now. You are a good student, daughter, friend, girlfriend, and sister. You like to help many people and everyone likes you. But sweetie, I see that it is all going to change in an instant. Be careful. I see bad things coming your way, very bad things," La Bruja said. Giselle just laughed and told her, "I'm sorry lady. I should've listened to my mom; this was all going to be a big joke." Giselle waited outside for her best friend and all she thought about was of what La Bruja told her.
Giselle got back home and saw her parents arguing. "I want a divorce!" She heard her mom yell. "What's going on," Giselle wondered. "Are you high again Giselle? I got a call from your school principal again and they told me that you skipped school! What's gotten into you missy," her mom yelled. Giselle went upstairs to her room in tears and she looked at herself in the mirror, "Eww! I look gross!" She searched in her pocket and found drugs. "What! Where did this come from," Giselle asked herself. Later that day, Xavier called her and told her, "We can't go on with this relationship. You've changed drastically." Giselle just cried and cried. She couldn't believe that "La Bruja" was right, but then she wondered, "Maybe she cursed me. I have bad luck now and now my life is the total opposite of what it was before."
A new day at school and everyone was being mean to Giselle. She had never felt so much hatred and she definitely didn't like the feeling of being treated like dirt. Giselle was kicked out of the cheerleading squad and her advanced classes, she lost her boyfriend, her family and basically everything else. School was now over and she was struck by the news that her dad had died in a car accident. "This can't be happening to me! Why me? Everything was perfect, everyone liked me! This is all my fault," Giselle said.

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