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Descriptive Essay

November 29, 2008
By Anonymous

The flamboyant and ad stricken bus had finally made its surprising and whip lashing stop at the sky blue sign that told them they had finally arrived at the long strip of sand and the endless sight of ocean they were waiting for. It was just in time too since the anxiety was becoming almost deafening. The people’s faces were pale as a ghost’s and the graffiti infested seats and broken air conditioner had made the trip seem sort of dingy so far. The typical tourist vacation with the average fellow Americans. Of course the tourists’ faces would be as red as the setting sun by the time the day was done. After the excruciating game of “bag bumping” and “let’s see how many people we can fit out of the hobbit like bus door at one time,” the Americans, who had seemingly landed on another planet, started to stare and to speculate. The bus drove away leaving its trail of exhaust behind along with the tourists who were still pulling their luggage and themselves together.

At first the eyes had leeched themselves onto the gigantic hotels, houses, and apartments that were facing the beach. The castles were fit for the royal families of those European countries they would visit the following summer. It had occurred to the tourists now that these castles were where they wanted to stay and now suddenly the hotel they had worked so hard to book was not so special. The palm trees towered over their bushes, the crystal clear pools were like lakes to their pond, and the overpowering buildings were like skyscrapers to their average Joe shacks. “Wouldn’t it have been great to have stayed in that place?”

After the hypnotizing effect of the glowing castles had been lost, the tourists turned around to amble off toward what reflected the unimaginable wealth of the people they so envied. The sand was like a desert of hot coals reflected by the sun. People would skip fast on their tip toes across the seemingly endless beach toward the water that was glistening in the sun. After they had found their own square oasis of sand, they stuck their mushroom umbrellas into the earth, laid the multicolored blankets out, and opened up the cooler full of sandwiches, varying chips, and refreshing soda. Everybody was ready to make the most out of everything they had planned.

As the tourists laid down on their blankets and finally relaxed, they could now take in the full effects that the beach had to offer. The sounds that surrounded them was enough to send the insomniacs to sleep. The waves were rising and crashing making a whispering sort of sound. The calls of the gulls and the murmuring of the tourists complimented this sound perfectly. In the distance you could hear the rides and the merrymaking on the boardwalk that most loved to visit at night. All of these sounds synchronized together to play music sweeter than the smoothest of jazz. As this music penetrated the ear drums, one would forget all of his worries about work, school, money, and what that guy said about you at work. Everything else would just dissolve and it was like floating in limbo.

When the tourists started to feel adventurous, they would head toward the threatening and mysterious water. As far as the eye could see was the ominous salt water and on the other side was countries one could only imagine. Specks of sailboats could be seen far out, and even farther out a giant navy ship. Close to the navy ship would be the oil driller which ruined the natural features of the painting in many ways. Seashells scraped across the bottom of their sensitive feet as the waves pushed forward and then receded back. The waves would try to pull them toward sea and if they weren’t careful enough they would then fall victim to the riptide. At times a slimy piece of seaweed would wrap around someone’s leg making the poor person let out a yelp of fright. The smell of the sea was pleasant to the nostrils but if they were to accidentally swallow a mouthful of the rancid, salty water, there would be a hysterical fit of gagging. The sand in their mouth was also enough to make anyone start spitting frantically. Who knows how many sea animals leave their waste to the sea, let alone how many people decide to have a merry time out at sea.

As the people started to grow weary of the beach, the sun started to set, and as sand gathered in uncomfortable places, their noses wrinkled and they looked up at the glowing boardwalk which was just a five minute walk away. The indescribable scent of night crept up and the invigorating smell of funnel cake, cotton candy, pizza, hamburgers, BBQ chicken, popcorn, and Italian sausage made their own trail towards the carnival that almost no one could pass up. As people drew near, the buzz grew louder and the roller coaster could finally be seen up close along with the Ferris wheel that was lit up with a rainbow of bright colors. Prices for food and ride admissions was like practically stealing from the population who had no choice but to admit defeat because of the whining children. The circus music in the surrounding environment complimented the scene perfectly. The sun was now hidden beneath the sea and the crowds made longer lines and created a cramped feeling. The smell of the delicious food was most pungent now and lines seemed to even out between the food and rides. The wait on line for the roller coaster was almost unbearable with the stench of the people who had not yet taken a shower after the long day at the beach, and the sounds of the carts roaring over the rickety tracks just added to the effect. When the time finally came for the ride, their cart sped forward as the wind rushed passed their ears canceling out all of the noises around them.

When the final moments of the night came everybody had bolted for the Ferris wheel. It was the greatest way to end the vacation because it provided the best view of the world. At the top one could see the stars and moon reflecting down onto the high tide and painting one of the most beautiful paintings ever conceived. As the people filed off the boardwalk the lasting smell of the carnival lingered like sweet perfume. The beach clutched at their senses for the final moments and everybody walked toward their destinations.

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