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November 30, 2008
By Anonymous

When I was no more than twelve years of age, my parent left me home alone for the first time. They were going out of town to see my great aunt Josie. I was thrilled to take on the responsibility. Just think, I would be on my own for 24 full hours. Of course the neighbor would be checking in every now and then, but it made me feel somewhat proud.

They left around noon, but before leaving they went through the whole, “The emergency numbers are on the fridge. If you need us call anytime. Mrs. McCarty is right across the street if you need anything.” I had been waiting to hear those words all of my life. Now there was no one to tell me what to do, I was in charge.

After they left I broke every rule I could think of. Putting all that effort into being rebellious really tired me out. A few short hours later I fell asleep in the big armchair next to the television. I awoke to the threatening boom of thunder. I was startled so I went to go get my mom.

I opened the door to her bedroom. “Oh wait, they are gone. I’m here all by myself.” CRASH. Something had hit the side of the house. Fear swept through my whole body, and I found my self unable to move. A chill ran down my spine sending panic through my blood. I knew what that sound was. I had heard it before, and I knew.

It was the cellar door hitting the side of my house. The rain was coming down harder than I had ever seen . I knew I had only two choices. Choice number one was to go through the basement and close the big aluminum doors. The second choice was to wonder through the darkness and rain and shut it from the outside. Neither of these options had pleasant results, but I could not leave it open to ruin all of our possessions.

As pathetic as it may be I was terrified of the dreary basement. I therefore decided to take my chances with the unknown waiting right out my front door. I geared up with raincoat, boots, and a flashlight in hand. As I pushed the front door open, the snarling wind pushed back. I slid out the door and the rain pelted my face. I ran as fast as I could to the side of the house.

When I reached the cellar doors I was out of breath. My lungs burned with every gasp I took. I grabbed the heavy medal door and pulled with every ounce of strength I had. Normally I could not close these doors alone and the wind was not helping the situation. Amazingly I was able to shut the doors and place the lock firmly in place. I turned and began to run for the door, but something blocked my path. The dark object moved slowly towards me. It was not something, yet someone.

I opened my mouth to scream, but no sound escaped. I wanted to run, but found my body stiff. The figure moved forward. My arms trembled. “Please do-don’t hurt me,” I whispered to the figure. A hand darted forward and grabbed my jacket. I tried to pull away but I recognized a familiar voice.

“Honey, what are you doing out here? You going to catch a cold in this weather.”

“Mrs. McCarty?”

“Yes Dear, your mom asked me to check in on you. Now come on lets get you in the house.”

I fell asleep that night relived to be alive. Mrs. McCarty wondered back home sometime in the early hours of the morning. When my parents walked through the door I ran to them and wrapped my arms around each of them.

“So how’d it go honey? The storm didn’t scare you I hope?”
“Scare me? Ha, not a chance!”

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