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December 3, 2008
By Anonymous

The icicles hung frozen on the gutters and snow layered the ground. I remember it like it was yesterday. She was driving home from work when tragedy struck. Around eight o’clock, I received a phone call from the Ohio Medical Hospital. The woman on the other end reported my mother had been killed in a car accident.

“This can’t be happening,” I sobbed into the receiver.

“I am terribly sorry, is there a parent or guardian nearby you can contact?” The doctor’s voice was cracking.

“No, my parents are divorced and my grandparents are in Columbus today.”
I wanted to hang up and scream. Now I have no parents, no blood-related grandparents, and no aunts or uncles anywhere within 300 miles.

I found that my mother was killed by a drunk driver and that the roads were frosted over. My mother noticed the swerving car headed towards her and she immediately stepped on the brakes, but since the roads were a practical ice-skating rink, she continued to skid.

I called my dad to see if I could live with him, but it turned out he was not living in the country anymore and apologized a million times before hanging up. I got a ride to the hospital from my friend Sam. He drove carefully because of the icy roads.

When I saw my mom’s casket, I began to sob. Sam hugged me and I dug my face into his leather jacket. I ended up leaving because I could not stand staring at the dead, lifeless body anymore. I still miss her…….

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