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Money For Nothing

December 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Jose was just walking down the hallway, when he got pinned up against the wall. He was robbed. They took his watch, his lunch money, and his i-pod. He had nothing left. The next day in school he had no lunch money left. He remembered how easy it was for those kids to rob him, so why can’t he just take a lunch. Jose walked up to the lunch lady, took the lunch, and slowly walked back to his seat. His heart was racing; he looked everywhere making sure no one was watching. He made it all the way back to his seat, without being caught. A free lunch and he no one even noticed. After that day the kids who robbed him came up to him.
“We saw you take that lunch today. Pretty cool,” Said one of the kids.
“Yeah it was alright.” Even though he knew he almost peed his pants.
“So you do this a lot?” the kid asked.
“Ok, ok, so were gonna hit up this house tonight, down on Main St. they say they’re out for the week. You in?” the kid said in a quite voice.
“Yea I’m in. What time?”
“Be there for 1:00 a.m. By the way my name’s Jason, but everybody calls me Shady.”
“My name’s Jose. I’ll be there at 1:00.” Jose replied.
“Aight, see you then,” Shady said as him and his crew walked away.
As Jose walked home in the cold Minnesota weather he thought about how he was going to get there. He couldn’t just tell his parents that he was going out to rob a house, he had to think of a way to sneak out after they fell asleep. His house was only 5 minutes away, but it felt like it took 5 hours. As he approached his house and went I in he saw a note on the table. It had said that his parents had gone to Maine to visit his grandma for the weekend and would be back on Monday. Jose was so relieved, now he could easily make it out tonight without being caught.

He called his parents at 10:00, and said for them not to call back because he was going to sleep, then he got all of his black clothes on and just waited. Waited for a sign saying not to go out and do this, but there was no sign, no feeling, nothing. He peeked at the clock and he saw it was 12:30. He got up, locked the doors, kept one light on, and headed over to Main St. By the time he got there it was only 12:45. He couldn’t believe how dark it was, he couldn’t even see his own hand in front of his face. He saw flashlights coming around the side of the house; he got scared and ran behind a bush. Coming around the corner was Shady and his crew. As soon as he saw them he jumped out from behind the bush.

“Hey Shady what’s up?” Jose said.

“Nothing. Why were you behind that bush?”
“Oh…I…I was just resting, you know getting ready.”
“Whatever you say. Yo I got a few things for you that you’re gonna need.” Shady said as he handed him the stuff. It was a flashlight and a pistol.
“What do I need the gun for?” Jose asked in a worried voice.
“In case we get in trouble. We better get inside.”
Shady’s crew ran over, broke into the house, and shut off the alarm before Jose even turned around. Jose and Shady ran in. Jose could tell that they had done this before. They found all of the jewelry and money so fast it was like it was their own house. Jose jumped right in and helped out. He really didn’t help much, but he did what he could do. They all joined together in about 15 minutes and dumped what they had on the table.
“So whata you guys have?” Shady asked.
“I got…”
All of a sudden there were sirens and three cop cars. Shady and his crew loaded their guns, ran up against the wall, and started shooting. Jose was frozen. He didn’t know what to do. Then he started running for the door.
“Dude what are you doin?!” Shady yelled.
“I can’t get caught! My parents don’t even know I’m here!” Jose yelled in a panic voice.
He ran out the door but was blinded by the flashing police lights. He had no idea where he was, so he just started running and running. It felt like he was getting no where. There were voices screaming and he could hear bullets fly past his ears. Then all of a sudden he felt a sharp pain go threw his chest, then another. He looked down at his chest and there were two bullet holes there. He collapsed down to his knees and feel back looking straight up into the dark night. The cop lights began to fade and fade and fade, until it was all black.

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