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December 8, 2008
By Anonymous

Tiny bubbles rise like little butterflies as I breathe in. The light blue water reflects light from above onto the vibrant corals. Schools of fish both big and small shimmer by as I swim deeper. Echoes from near by dolphins reverberate through the underwater stones while I journey through the warm waters of the deep. Everything here is so magical and bright, like nothing you could ever imagine. I keep floating by as seaweed tickles my stomach and find an underwater cavern leading me to land and mysteriously into the mountains.

I climb and climb hoping to find the summit. The morning clouds resting on the mountain tops while the sun takes its time coming out on the horizon. It smells so brilliantly up here and the mix of warmth from the sun and cold from the snow is similarly soothing. The view is indescribably breath taking, watching the sea capture rays of sun. Gracefully I descend through the snow from this piece of majestic artwork and finally reach a clearing of dirt into a forest.

I’m walking down a quiet dirt path with tall ever-greens surrounding me and delicate arrangements of flowers peaking out from the trees, seeking attention. The warm sun looks through the gaps in the trees and eventually finds my skin. I breathe in a rustic breeze carrying a hint of autumn musk. Birds happily sing their songs as they gather the natural odds and ends for their homes while clumps of greenery rustle with the petite movements of the wildlife below.

As I reach the end of my path I come to a hazy wooden transition into a world of hustle and bustle. Cold winds bite at my nose while hoards of people rush like there was no tomorrow. I swiftly keep in time with the beat of the people, following the flow of stress. The air is clogged with noise and frustration and the frigidness adds to the infuriating insanity. Whispering words do not exist for the noise is so intense. Trying to run from the obscurity I awake in my bed, wondering if what I went through was just a dream; for in my dreams I see the clearest.

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