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Fame is Fall

October 13, 2014
By Freshatilly BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Freshatilly BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Intro Dialogue: *Click* |Tape Recorder|
“Mr. Green…”
“You came to the police station to give diar information on the Louisville serial killer, Correct?” “Yes I knew Michael very well he was a dear friend and the least i owe him is closure, even if it costs me my life…”
“Okay can you start of by telling me who and what Mr. Foster was getting himself into?”
“He was a good man with good intentions; all he wished was to do well.”
“As you may know here in the Prospect Louisville, there isn't too many folk getting into trouble with the authorities, but as you must know there was a man of great riches that foresaw his future as a resident here. That man i speak of is Dr. Sebastian Ruiz. He an out of town entrepreneur who looked for respect in a community. Seemingly a normal young man with no odd characteristics. Or so he made it seem that way. Our boy Michael was hired to take pictures of the celebrities that came from out of town to attend Sebastian’s get together. This is where it all goes downhill.”
“Mr. Green Please continue.”
Story Event 1: 
“I wonder if Ms. Angelina Jolie will be present at Mr. Ruiz’s party.” This was the first thought i had of when I received a check and an invitation to a party from that man. I perked myself up and jolly like a butter milked pig I ran to the celebrities and the fame. Little did i know that it would be my last meal, my last photo-shoot, my last slice of cornbread. Now here I lie chained up in the cellar of a psychopath waiting to get butchered like my friend Humphrey which I can still see from where I sit.
I walked in that night and caught many men and women that were born with a silver spoon. I took pictures had conversations and to my delight I saw the beautiful Angelina. She was charming and, boy would she make a man feel like a he just had just won the lottery. Later on that night all the ladies and gentlemen had dimmed down in numbers and there just a few stragglers. I caught a glimpse of the chief walking down a hall that was off limits to the guests. So me being how i am i quietly went on pursuit of the chief. He went down the hall and made a quick right. I saw him reach into a planter where he pulled out a key with a particular design and size that did not look like any other key. He took that odd key and entered a large door then shut it behind him. I stood there in suspense for a good 15 minutes when he left the room. He stashed the key and went back to his patrol. With a jitter of excitement I went on and opened that door.
This was probably the worst mistake of my life. The most horrendous sight that i have ever laid eyes upon. The dismembered corpse of my ex colleague Gerald Humphrey, on a lab table. A sloppy job had been done. There was blood everywhere. Instinctively i took my camera lens off and took pictures of the gruesome scene. I ran away as I sobbed simultaneously
I couldn't think. I couldn't run. I couldn't hide. The only solution that came to mind was to tell my only friend what it is I saw. I quickly headed to the home of my friend Mayor Green to reveal the photographs that I had taken at the premises,
“Michael what are doing here so late?” 
“Nick please help me, I’m really scared.”
“What’s wrong Mike why are you so flustered?”
“I saw really bad things at that party nick, look.”
“Mike… It’s late. I’ll call my friend from the press to interview you tomorrow. Go home and sleep.”
“Okay Nick thank you”
“Be careful Mike!”
It was about 1am when things got really bad. I was a crossroad in the middle of some corn farms. In an instant flash as I stay in my parked car to rest my eyes. I look up and see that there are 4 black pickups in front of mine. I rushed to lock my doors but the conniving b------s got a hold of the door and whipped me out. I fell hard and saw blood spew all on the dirt road. My last sight was the chief swinging a crowbar across my head; I fell onto a stump of rocks and realized that the man standing at the edge of the truck was him. He stood with a unreadable face. The expression of a true killer. A monster even, I went unconscious with the thought of not ever being able to have the disappearance of Humphrey explained to his family.  Now here i am sitting, with no options other than to die here. I guess this is where I end.
“The following day I received a package, no label, no sender information.”
“Mr. Green what was in that package?”

The author's comments:

This was a short sory me and one partner Jocelin G. had to write with specific scenarios that were given by the teacher in our imaginative writing elective. We picked a scenario and a character background then we wrote out this short story that consists of a curious photographer that ends up making one of the worst decisions of his life when he is hired to take pictures a celebrity party. Hope you enjoy!

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