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January 26, 2015
By LunaLilium PLATINUM, Centerville, Iowa
LunaLilium PLATINUM, Centerville, Iowa
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The light pierces through the night sky like a dagger.  The dim light gives the cool, dark earth a glimmer of hope.  Before mankind, there was nothing but darkness and despair, until now.  A young girl stepped from the shadows into the small shimmering light.  It seemed so pure and innocent that she was afraid to leave it alone for it might be swallowed by the darkness that surrounded it.  Since she first came upon this place there was nothing but the cool damp soil which she left her footprints behind in as she looked for something, someone to call this place home.  For you see, this girl was no human she was the daughter of a god. 
She had spent many years looking for a way to convince her father that mankind should come about again so that they might walk on the same cool earth as she does.  She walked all around the forgotten, barren land imagining what it would be like to see sunlight, lay under trees, and smell the sweet flowers in the spring like she had read about so many times in her books.  They were her escape tucked away in a small box under her bed.
As she stood there fascinated by the light she slowly reached out a hand and touched it.  Feeling its warmth on her cold, pale skin, she closed her eyes remembering the stories she had read so many times before and she felt free for the first time in her life.  There was no one to tell her where she had to be or what she had to do and she was happy.  The light seemed like an old friend and a stranger all at once.  Between the cool earth between her toes and the warm light on her hand she felt at peace. 
A cool wind began to blow and the warmth she had once felt slowly started to fade away.  The light, which was once so bright, now started to fade away into the dark world that she had known all too well.  Seeing the light fade, she reached for a tiny, glass bottle that rested in a small bag that clung to her like a small child.  She placed the small bottle in what little light was left, capturing it.  She sealed it up and placed it back into her bag where it would remain hidden until she could get it home and place it in the box that she kept hidden so well.
Turning to head back, she followed the footprints she had made earlier to the opening of the door that connected the worlds.  With a heavy heart she turned around only to watch the remainder of the light being swallowed up by the darkness.  She passed through the doorway into the world she had known all her life and yet she felt as though it was a strange new place and she was completely alone.  Following the small stone path home, her feet leading the way, she can only think of that light which she had held in her hands only moments earlier. 
The black iron gates stood tall towering over her like frost giants, cold and lifeless.  They were the cages that kept her worlds apart and granted passage only if told to do so.  They creaked as they slowly opened sounding like her screams for freedom that she had kept buried inside for so many years.  As she stepped inside they closed with such a force that the earth shook beneath her feet telling her that her freedom would have to wait.  Ascending the spiral staircase to her room the cold marble beneath her feet reminded her that she was still a caged bird looking through the bars at paining of the world she longed for.

Once in her room she took the small bottle of light wrapped it in a small white cloth and hid it in the box hidden under her bed.  There in her room she could hear birds chirping from outside her window calling her outside to play and how she wished she could join them, fly away and never look back.  Picturing the light once more she knew she had waited long enough and it was time she had her freedom.

Gathering her courage she walked to their garden where her father spent most of his time.  The garden was nothing special some small plants ranging in colors, some bearing fruit, others small gifts such as stars.  She found him writing in a small leather bound book that was showing its years.  Before she could get close enough to speak he raised his hand into the air letting her know to stop where she stood.  As if he knew what she wanted he simply uttered the words “freedom comes at a cost” and with that he went back to his book. 

She turned to leave but as she reached for the door something came over her.  She spun around and walked right up to her father where he still sat and looked right into his eyes.  She told him what she had found, the light, the books, and her wish for mankind to walk the earth.  She searched his eyes for an answer watching them turn from being as blue as the morning sky to the harsh color of a night storm.  Realizing what she had just said she started to run towards her room but it was too late.  Her father was too fast and was standing there in front of her holding her beloved box.  The sky turned to the same grim color as his eyes as he took the box and threw it out the window into the small stream that lay below.

Frantically, running to her window she watched the small wooden box fall into the water and float away along with the hope of ever being free.  For the first time ever she felt the rage build up inside of her until she could no longer contain it.  As her father headed for the open door it slammed with the same force as the iron gates causing him to stop where he stood.  The sky started to darken into the same black despair that had surrounded the fragile light, the wind howled as it grew in strength giving no mercy to anything in its way, bringing the lightning that struck with such a force it obliterated anything it touched.   Her eyes that were once a soft hazel were now as red as the blood that boiled within her as her rage grew.

As her anger grew so did the storm and the smile that was on her father’s face.  Seeing this only fed her anger causing the storm to grow so strong the whole house was shaking and the iron gates that had kept her caged her whole life were no longer there.  Her father simply walked over to her as if he was blind to everything that was happening around him and embraced her in a hug for the first time since her mother had died.  The storm melted into a gentle rain like the tears that were streaking her face as she tucked herself into her father’s arms.  He lifted her face and looked into her eyes as they changed back into the soft hazel he knew so well. 

They stood in silence for what seamed like an eternity when he knelt down and looked at her face to face.  He spoke in a soft, hushed tone with a small smile still on his face and said “you are just like you mother, with your hazel eyes as soft as the clouds above and being as stubborn and strong as the earth below.”  With that she simply looked up into his calm blue eyes, smiled, and gave him a hug.  They walked back to the garden together that lay untouched by the chaos that had taken place only moments earlier and there he showed her his favorite plant. 

There stood a small, delicate flower as white as the freshly fallen snow that seamed to have no special power at all.  Confused she looked up at him and searched his face for an answer to why this little flower could be anymore special than the plants that surrounded it with their vibrant colors and gifts.  He gave a smile, knelt down and said, “It was the last flower your mother planted, it’s for you.  I was told to give it to you when you showed that you were strong enough to stand up for your dreams like this flower has shown how it can stand even when it is told it should fall.  Tell it your dream, what you really want and it will give it to you. ”  Carefully she knelt down next to the delicate flower and whispered her dream. 

The light pierces through the night sky like a dagger.  The dim light gives the cool, dark earth a glimmer of hope.  Before mankind, there was nothing but darkness and despair, until now.  A young girl stepped from the shadows into the small shimmering light.  The girl watched as a small, delicate flower as white as the freshly fallen snow bloomed.  She then turned, feeling the cool, dark earth beneath her feet, and followed her footprints she had made earlier to the opening of the door that connected the worlds.  She no longer has to look for something or someone to call this land home because now, there were footprints.

The author's comments:

This is my creation myth of how mankind came to be.

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