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Dead Puppies Aren't Much Fun...

May 13, 2015
By Cheshirekat SILVER, Boise, Idaho
Cheshirekat SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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Korrine climbed the stairs to her room, glancing behind herself occasionally, making sure no one was following. As she opened her bedroom door she was tackled and held down by large paws and was repeatedly lick.
"Dog get off me!" She shoved the large mutt off of her and got quickly to her feet. Dog stared up at her happily wagging his, her… it’s tail. She sighed and shoved the dog back in her room.
"You can't just come barging out like that," Korrine gently scolded. "What if Drake had been following me? He would have kicked you to the curb in moments." She scratched the dog under the chin and smiled as his hind leg went wild. "He would feel bad about it, but he wouldn't show it. Seth would like you though. He loves dogs." She knew that Dog had no clue what she was saying but she didn't have many people to talk to. Her brother's weren't the best conversationalists sometimes.
"Rin?" Seth called up the stairs. Korrine panicked as she tried to convince Dog to climb under the bed. Dog stared at her blankly, refusing to move from the spot.
"Just a minute!" She called, desperate to get Dog under the bed but Dog wouldn't budge. Her bedroom door opened and Seth stared in shock at the forbidden dog sitting happily next to his sister.
"Drake is going to be so pissed," Seth said as he sat next to the dog and began scratching it behind the ear. Korrine stared at her brother in shock.
"You’re not going to make me get rid of him?" She asked meekly, trying not to let herself get hopeful. Drake had a strict rule against dogs, which was reasonable considering he as allergic and nearly got mauled to death when he was a child.
"Nah," Seth said as Dog rolled over to get a tummy rub. "But I will tell Drake when he gets back from the dinner run. He went to get chinese, I think." Korrine frowned but didn't complain. She could be very persuasive when she wanted to and may be able to convince Drake to let her keep the dog. "What's its name?" Seth asked, searching for a collar through Dog's shaggy fur.
"Um well since I didn't think I was going to keep him, her... um, it, I named it Dog," she looked away in embarrassment.
"That is terribly unoriginal," he said with slight amusement. Dog began trying to lick Seth's face. The front door slammed open and the sound of Drake’s heavy footsteps filled the house.
"Guys," Drake called "I got dinner." Korrine unceremoniously shoved Dog under her bed and told the mutt to stay before running down the stairs. Seth followed shortly after. Drake raised an eyebrow and smirked mischievously. “You know, Rin, I met your boyfriend at the store. He won’t be running anytime soon” he teased.
“You’re a jerk you know that!” Korrine said, her face twisted in disgust.
“I was just kidding,” Drake laughed ruffling his sister’s hair. “I don’t even know who your boyfriend is.”
“This is why Seth’s my favourite brother,” Korrine huffed. Drake paused for a moment as he took in what she had said.
“He’s your favourite brother!” he said incredulously. “What about me?”
“Dude, you said you beat up her boyfriend,” Seth laughed. “That puts you down like fifty points.”
“250, and Seth just earned 100,” Korrine corrected.
“That’s inflated,” Drake argued. “Last I checked I had 4500 and Seth had 5250.”
“Well, now you have 4250 and Seth has 5350,” Korrine snatched the food from Drake’s hand and headed into the kitchen. “When’s Dad getting back from the business trip?”
“March third,” Drake said as he sauntered into the kitchen. “Oh, he called by the way. He told me something about how he disapproved of your boyfriend.”
“Jackson is a perfectly respectable young man,” Korrine said calmly as she inwardly fumed at her father. He was only around half the time and he thinks he can get involved in her love life! Drake was actually more of a father figure than their dad, which was odd considering he was her brother.
“He has dated half the girls in the grade below you,” Seth said seriously. “That’s worse than dating every girl in your year.”
“Yes, but not a single one of those girls could beat him halfway to Saturn; I could,” she said smiling evilly. Seth shrugged at the look from Drake. Everyone froze as barking echoed from upstairs.
“Why is there barking in my house?” Drake said narrowing his eyes at his sister. Korrine shuffled.
“It’s my ringtone?” she said it more like a question and then ruined her claim when her phone went off in her pocket, meowing Eye of the Tiger.
“That’s why your room has smelt bad for the past week?” he asked as he stormed up the stairs. “You’ve been hiding a dog!”
“He, she… it was lost and hungry!” Korrine said silencing her phone as she ran after her brother. “I just thought I would keep it for a little while and then we could take it to the pound. No problem’s with that.” Drake shot her a glare over his shoulder. “Many problem’s with that,” Korrine said weakly. Drake opened her door and frowned. Dog sat in the middle of her room, tongue lolling out of he, she… it’s mouth.
“I hate dogs,” Drake said with a stern look, “and we aren’t keeping it.”
“Dog is adorable though,” Korrine said running over and hugging the dog. “Plus he will stay in my room and I will take full responsibility.” Drake stared at his sister, considering her offer
“You are completely in charge of that dog,” Drake told her, “But ya, you can keep him. If he starts barking in the middle of the night, he’s out on the street.” Korrine squealed and hugged her brother before bouncing down the stairs, Dog following after.
“Seth,” she yelled, “I’m taking Dog for a walk; you want to come with?” Seth poked his head out of the kitchen.
“I’m still eating,” he said wiping a bit of salad dressing from his cheek.
“You can eat your rabbit food later,” Korrine grabbed her brother’s hand and dragged him to the door. Dog bounced round their feet, half barking excitedly. Drake came down the stairs, throwing on his canvas jacket.
“I’ll come too,” Drake said following his two younger siblings out the door. The three siblings joked as they walked down the sidewalk, watching Dog run ahead to sniff something and then run back, as if making sure they were still there. Occasionally Korrine would race the Dog down the street and then run back to her brothers. Dog sat on the side of the road waiting for the three to catch up when it stood up suddenly, spotting  a squirrel across the street. Korrine called the dog back but instead it took off across the street. A car turned the corner and hit the dog but kept on driving. The three stared at the street. Korrine sighed dejectedly.
“I should have expected that with the curse and all,” she said sadly.
“The dog always dies as the end,” Drake said with a sad nod.
“Old Yeller,” Seth started listing dog novels, “Where the Red Fern Grows, A Dog Named Kitty, I Am Legend…”
“The dog always dies,” Korrine said.

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