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Rotting Clouds and Sour Rain

April 24, 2016
By PreposterouslyNonsensical SILVER, Menasha, Wisconsin
PreposterouslyNonsensical SILVER, Menasha, Wisconsin
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Dixie had been waiting for this day for a whole year.  Today is her sixth birthday and she is going to have a fantastic day.  It is eight o’clock in the morning on a Friday.  Dixie springs out of bed and goes to mommy’s room.  Mommy isn’t there.  “Hmm,” she wonders.  She walks into the kitchen and spies her mommy making breakfast.  Her favorite; cinnamon french toast with maple syrup and powder sugar.  Her short, messy, brown hair in a ponytail, she creeps up behind mommy.  “BOO!” she squeals.  Mommy whirls around with a shrill.  Seeing that it was only Dixie giggling her toosh off, mommy scoops her up and tickles her with a smile spread wide across her face.  Mommy sets Dixie down on a bar stool.  Then she places a plate with french toast drenched in syrup and sprinkled with powdered sugar on the island in front of Dixie.  Six flames dance from wax sticks buried in the french toast.  Mommy sings a gentle birthday song as Dixie blows out the candles with giggle fits.  Then Dixie scrunches her nose.  She smells something funny.  All of a sudden mommy’s eyes got real big and she runs to the oven.  Mommy forgot to set the timer for the cake!  She creaks it open a bit and a thin orange flame hungrily licks out.  Mommy jumps back.  “Dixie!” she cries, “Get on my back sweetie, we’re going outside for w while.”  Little Dixie says ‘Okay mommy.  Can  I bring my french toast with me?”  Mommy snatches the plate as Dixie climbs on her back.  Mommy trots over to the front door opened it, and slams it shut.  She places Dixie on the sidewalk with her birthday breakfast.  Mommy is about to pull out her cell phone to call daddy when there is a loud explosive noise coming from the kitchen.  Mommy and Dixie stared in disbelief.  The kitchen was on fire!  Mommy quickly  calls nine-one-one and the firemen arrive minutes after.  Mommy is awe.  “Daddy is going to be so upset with me, for goodness sake, I’m mad at me!” mommy manages to get out.  Dixie slowly walks over by mommy.  Mommy just got done talking to the police officers.  “Mommy?” Dixie said in a small voice, “This is the best birthday I could ever have.”  Mommy squats down to Dixie’s height.  “Oh sweetpea, I am so sorry about all this.  It is all my fault.”  Dixie looks at her with curious eyes.  “No mommy.  I mean my birthday.  I don’t need gifts mommy.  All I need is you and daddy.  You guys are all I need.”  Mommy looks at Dixie with a weak smile and tears in her eyes.  Daddy pulls up and runs over.  “Are you two okay?”  he asks in a worried tone.  Mommy and Dixie exchange looks and attack daddy with a giant hug and kisses.  Daddy smiles in relief and returns to hugs and kisses.  Mommy’s day might have been ruined, but she learned something very important.  She doesn’t have to bake cakes or buy gifts for her daughter to be happy on her birthday.  All her little girl wants is to be loved and be with her loving parents on her special day that she was brought into the world.  For years to come, starting the kitchen on fire will be a big inside joke, but for mommy, it will be a gentle reminder that no gift for Dixie can compare to the gift of time.

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