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Circles of an Imagination

February 27, 2009
By jadenex246 SILVER, Sunapee, New Hampshire
jadenex246 SILVER, Sunapee, New Hampshire
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Bright pink circles of happiness flutter down from the blossom trees. Filling her eyes with joy, with hope. She dances in the breeze, pretending this is all there is to life. The petals, they cover her head and clothes, contrasting vividly against her sinuous black hair. Long and smooth it flows around her face. She waits in this imaginary life. Sitting in the cushioned green grass, anticipating her knight to return home. Lost in that life, it almost feels like enough. Until eventually the petals stop, and the sunshine disappears behind a cloud. Opening her eyes it is all gone. Daily she will return to this place, distract her dreams for a while, and hope she will get what she's been truly waiting for. Maybe, just one day, she will finally get what she's been wishing for, and keep her dreams after all. Home, it's hard to find this place when her dreams are always brushed away as the bright circles of her imagination disappear along with the sun.

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