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Responsible Actions

March 22, 2017
By jibril GOLD, Decatur, Georgia
jibril GOLD, Decatur, Georgia
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What is life without living? What is a song without singing? In life humans only reach their peak once. This part of your life is truly midlife. When you reach your peak, you generally don’t gee don’t any better. This is a story where a person reached his peak and never got pack to that point again.
On September 29, 1964 David was living on the streets of New York.
He was a beggar who told jokes for money. This is ironic, because David was a laughingstock of the city. No one really knows the story of where David is from or how he ended up where he is now. All people knew was that David was just there.
One day on a windy November night David was walking down an alley to get back to his dwelling and saw two men in masks robbing a woman. David rushed over to help the woman, but he could not get there in time. The men killed the woman in cold blood. David chased after the men as fast as he could, and he caught up to them. He was then shot in the stomach.
David was dying and almost to his final breath when he saw a strange man standing over him. This man was old with white hair and pale skin. His most distinct characteristic was his blue eyes staring down cold and empty. This man asked David to make a wish. David asked “what’s the catch”? All the man wanted was for David to live his life to the fullest. David agreed to the terms and the man disappeared into thin air. David was healed and had a lot of life left in him.
The next day David roamed the streets again telling his jokes, but this time he was getting more money than he had ever gotten before. David’s wish had come true and now he was making a name for himself. David was an overnight success and he did not care how he achieved it. David, with all of his money continued to his dwelling once again except this time there was no robbery or a weird man. David woke up the next morning approached by the press. They kept asking him odd questions that he did not feel like answering, so he ran with his bag full of money. David just kept running and running until he saw a limo door open and the man inside the limo told him to get in. The man introduced himself as Mr.Ice, and he was the owner of an ameteur club on Main Street. Mr.Ice wanted David to open for him tonight. David could not believe his ears when heard this. Mr.Ice wanted David to perform that night.
David was nervous, and he still needed to buy some nice clothes. David knew that this was his big break. Night came quick and David was more ready than ever. This was his time to shine. David walked onto the stage and wowed the crowd.
It was morning and now David was a nationwide mogul. In just a few weeks David changed from being a receiver to a giver. David now had his own apartment, and he was now the best version of himself. He was going to perform again tonight at the club. He walked out of his apartment, and cut through the alley. He was already late and needed to get to the club quickly.
David was walking when he heard footsteps. It was two men in masks. They punched David and kept punching. It was like these men had an axe to grind with David. David was in pain and wanted the pain to be over. After a while the punching stopped. David was shot and once again he was dying. Once again the blue-eyed man appeared. This man started to smile at David. David looked back at the man and knew that that his life was over. David reached a peak and met a tragic, untimely demise by not knowing how to pick his poison.

The End

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on May. 20 2018 at 3:18 pm
WolfWhisperer0911 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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@jibril Great story, maybe if you could separate the dialogue from the paragraphs and be sure to have an irresistible hook at the beginning of the story.