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December 3, 2009
By BlueJeanBaby SILVER, Greenville, Illinois
BlueJeanBaby SILVER, Greenville, Illinois
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The lemonade glass persperated much like myself on that hot summer afternoon. The condensation slithered down my legs, starting at the knee caps where the large glass was being held. The flowers in the tiny bed beside the steps to my front porch withered silently and I thought about grabbing the old hose out from the back shed and assisting to the torchered petunias, but decided against it. So I layed myself back on my porch, ignoring the dust and slight coating of dirt that it had obtained from the heavy rainfall of days before. I stared up at my porch cieling, admiring the old panels. Inside I was ashamed to hear Jerry Springer blairing through the open windows. The lace curtains danced outside due to the heavy fan. I could picture my aunt sitting in her lazy boy, multitasking between talking on the phone with the elderly next door neighbor, reading a Harlequin romance and watching some woman scream at her husbands mistress. Normality was not my aunt and mine's thing. So i closed my eyes and let the summer heat sink in to my pulsating pores.

"Can I have some?" A familiar voice questioned seductively.

"You know, you shouldn't just sneak up on people like that." I sat up to admire the new being. He was wearing his long hair tucked behind his ears and his green t-shirt was nearly drenched in sweat. Even his upper lip was coated slightly with persperation.
he still looked fantastic.
"Here," I handed him the glass from between my legs and he took it swiftly, finishing it off in the time it had taken me to sit up.
After he had finished the drink he continued to look down into it, his eyes boring into the ice cubes, like he was demanding them to make more lemonade appear in the glass.

"Is there something wrong with my lemonade?" I asked lightly although I could tell something was really bothering him.

"Other than the fact that it has way to much sugar. No." He tried to smile but it was very forced.
"You don't look so good." I acknowledged finally. I scooted over and patted the board. Dust misted into the air. He took the seat beside me hesitantly.
"So, I have been thinking," He started.
"That's a first." I elbowed his shoulder.
"But what I have to say is very important, Alright? So you can't just go interupting me in that way you do all the time." His left eyebrow raised with expectation for me to fallow these new rules.
"Okay." I exulted in an almost defendent facade, but he was right. I did have a tendency to interupt.
He raised his eyebrow further.
"So, I need a favor-"
"Sam I am not letting you use my eyeliner a-"
"Sage....." He eyed me.
"Sorry." It was hard but I mustered it through my clenched teeth. "Continue."
" Will you please go out with me tonight?" He said the words quick and wistfully and I had to tune my ears just to hear them all as they were all chucked towards me.
" What's tonight?" I muttered after a moment and the hot words settled.
" A date. Obviously." He tugged at the collar of shirt.
I opened my mouth in protest and quickly stuck his palm in the air in protest.
" No just listen." His eyes blazed into mine with that firey way they did. He often reminded me of an Alaskan Husky, with those peircing blue eyes that could swim and wade through your soul. Often when his eyes haunted mine with their sincerity i tested them back but now, somehow more intense and determined I had to look away.
"When you moved here this summer," He started, his eyes boring into my jawline. " I could already tell that you were going to change things. And I wanted to be a part of that change. You had those adorably long pig tails and dark eyes that warned all of us to stay back.
I was beyond help with my pills. And I walked these streets without a care in the world, hurting anyone who dared care for me. But you saw through that. I know you did because you were willing to call me out on my bull. And I hated you for it. I did." My mouth slightly dropped, barelly aware of mine of his expression.
"And I can see now how we've become so close. Because you need me like I need you. And I am so tired of having to watch you pretend like you don't care for anything either. I know you do. So if you tell me right now that what I'm observing between us, this desire, is wrong and completely produced in my drug manipulated mind I will get up from this porch and pretend like this here," He waved his fingers between us " Didn't happen. But if you can't, I'm going to kiss you."
And with the sun bursting through the porch, gleaming against the back of his long hair, gving him an angelic ambiance, I didn't have a single objection to use.
His lips were immediate on my lips, soft and fierce. His top lip held the element of pure, concentrated fire. the bottom lip belonging to ice. The two elements never coincided. Both hissed and simmered against mine.
" But you can't jus-" I interjected against his lips.
"What did I say about interruping." His lips smiled against mine.
The next thing we heard was of glass clinking and the sound of liquid spilling out.

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TheChuck said...
on Mar. 6 2010 at 5:15 pm
TheChuck, Institute Of Technology, Illinois
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Wow, dude. So, if you were wondering. I hate you. I hate you, because, you write terrifically. This is great, and I'm going to glare at you in the hallway on Monday(:

on Jan. 15 2010 at 8:25 am
heather_marie PLATINUM, Deshler, Ohio
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that was soooo good! i loved the details you used its some what like mine in a way. i wouldn't be surprised tht ur article will be in the magazine!!!!