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I Don't Fall

December 29, 2009
By catik111 SILVER, Des Moines, Iowa
catik111 SILVER, Des Moines, Iowa
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I don’t fall for anyone.
When I was six, there was a little boy who liked me. It was too long ago to remember his name, but he went to all lengths to get me to notice him. He would sit in front of me at story time, play with me and the Lincoln logs, and even tried sharing his crayons, which was monumental for a six-year-old. I saw him as a friend and never even thought about him until he left the crowded daycare and told me he liked me, with the teachers snickering I told him he was crazy and he ran off on his last day crying.
One day a boy I never expected walked into my life, a lot like the little boy who liked me. Two years ago. At first I saw him like anyone would see him at my school. The new kid. But slowly I saw right through him. Another boy wanting girls and popularity. I tried to ignore him, just another creep among the swarms of them at my school. But, I couldn’t. Soon I could pick him out in a crowd. One time I ran into a wall staring at him. He couldn’t see me, but I could see him. And his girlfriends. It kills me still, but I know I can’t do anything. It’s not the “Love Story” everyone my age dreams of, and won’t be. But I’m gonna keep hoping, and know one day if it’s not him it’ll be someone better.
You see, I didn’t fall for him. He tripped me.

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