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January 16, 2010
By Amanda Fox BRONZE, Naples, Florida
Amanda Fox BRONZE, Naples, Florida
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May 7th, Mason and I were going out for my 25th birthday. He said he had a surprise. I knew when he said that, he'd overdone it. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't introduce myself. I'm Amanda and Mason is my boyfriend. You see, Mason is rich, so I was positive my brown-eyed angel had done something too drastic. When I got in his Porsche, (see what I mean?) he put a blindfold on me. When we were at the restaurant, Mason took the blindfold off, and I saw something in big letters. It said,"Happy Birthday, love!" I told you he overdid it. But we were at my favorite restaurant, Chili's, so maybe tonight wouldn't be too bad. I couldn't have been more wrong. When we got in the seat of his car, I heard a man say," Get out of the car!". I then heard Mason yell," Don't hurt her!" It was just like Mason to care more about me than him. There were two of them. One of them said," Shut up, Prince Chahming, or we'll shoot Princess ovah here!" The guy had a New York accent, and he had a gun to my head. "Keep quiet, and no one has to get hurt." But he was lying. Once I got out of the car, the other one shot Mason, and they ran off with his car. I screamed and ran to Mason. I held him in my arms and cried and cried and cried. I looked back at the lights he'd put up, and they said," I love you, Amanda, will you marry me?" I cried more and them murmured," Yes, Mason, of course I will."

The funeral was a month later. His parents asked me to give a speech. I said yes and gave everyone a speech of," I loved Mason, and I will never forget him. " And then I started sobbing uncontrollably. While everyone else had left but his parents who had gone to the bathroom, I stayed with my Mason telling him all things I wished he would've gotten to hear if he hadn't of been murdered.

~4 years later~

I'd long moved away from the god-forsaken town that my love had been murdered in. I'd gotten a new job, switched my favorite restaurant to Olive Garden, and never went back to Chili's again. I'd put all the stuff Mason had ever gotten me in a box in storage, and planned on never touching it again. One day, when sleep was enveloping me, I heard a voice say," Hello, love." I looked over and saw my brown-eyed angel. Except this time he really was an angel. It couldn't be the real Mason. He had been dead for 4 years. Angel Mason then said," You're right, love, I'm not alive. But I still love you." I shot up and ran over to kiss him. After I had finished kissing him, Angel Mason said," Amanda, do you still love me?" I said," Of course I do, I never stopped loving you." Angel Mason then asked me if I had said yes to his proposal. When I said yes, he asked me if I would like to join him. I said," In a heartbeat." He took me in his arms and breathed on me. I felt nothing for a second, and then total blackness.

~1 day later~

"Mrs. Fox, I'm sorry, but we found your daughter, Amanda, dead in her apartment." "No." "I'm sorry, ma'am, but we think she committed suicide." "That's not possible! Amanda would never do that!!!" "She's gone."

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on Feb. 6 2010 at 3:31 pm
Amanda Fox BRONZE, Naples, Florida
2 articles 0 photos 26 comments
Thanks for the feedback! I know it was a little tacky, because this was my first story. :)

on Feb. 6 2010 at 9:20 am
I like the way you made a twist at the end. But I felt the beginning was sorta tacky. If you wrote this differently and get more experience, this piece would be really amazing.