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Partners?...Part 1...Janie

July 15, 2010
By ImmaCheerGurl BRONZE, Desert Hot Springs, California
ImmaCheerGurl BRONZE, Desert Hot Springs, California
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Thunder boomed as Pete Stone walked into Biology. Janie Hansen sighed to herself as she always does when he arrives. He brushed past her desk to take his seat in the back leaving a scent of aftershave behind him.

" Everyone take out your text books. Today we will be doing chapter 7. Turn to page 231 please and we shall begin todays lesson."

As Mr. O'Connel read through the chapter and explained about how we were going to dissect a frog on friday, I turned around to look at Pete. He was leaning forward and either doodling in his notebook or taking notes. His long dark brown hair barely brushing the paper.

" Ms. Hansen could you please join us? We are discussing the art of dissection and who will be partnered up."

" Uh yeah, sorry Mr. O."

" Thank you. Now as I was saying, you will each be partnered in pairs. Well, since i don't want you fussing over who gets who, we will draw from this hat."

" Mr. O? May I choose first?" The bouncy and flouncy Mary asked.

" Sure. Now only take one name and who ever it is you must stay with them. There will be no switches."

She began putting her dainty, manicured fingers in the hat. She pulled out a little strip of blue paper and read.

" Quin Jones? Are you serious? I have to work with that nerd? I mean, oh joy Quin we're partners." Then she flashed both Quin and Mr. O'Connel an award winning smile.

" Mr. Stone, would you like to pick next?"

" Sure i'd love to."

Janie watched greedily as he shoved his hand really deep into the hat and pulled out a slip of yellow paper.

" Gwenneth Michaelson. Huh, cool."

Gwenneth michaelson is one of the most nerdy girls at their high school. She has curly brown hair that's always pulled into two pigtails and sometimes three. She wears glasses that are taped on the side from when she broke them from being knocked down by some chicks. Her little snaggle tooth always seems to stick out of her mouth. She has potential to be pretty, but she doesn't use it to her advantage.

" Ms. Hansen you're up."

Janie carefully put her hand into the hat and took the first one her pinky finger touched.

" Dave Creed? But he's never in class."

" I am today Ms. Hansen. Haha. Looks like we're gonna be buddies." He said with a wink.

Just then the bell rang and the first thing Janie saw was a black leather jacket and spikey black hair whizz past her and through the door. She barely had time to notice that she had dropped her notebook with all of her doodles on the floor.

" I believe this is yours. Wow."

Her face was as red as a chili pepper when she remembered that there were doodles in her notebook about Pete.

" Uh, yeah. Yes it is. Thank you."

"Those are some good drawings you've got in there. You're a real pro at it. You should enter contests. Well I have to go meet up with Jack so i'll catch you later."

Just as fast as she locked her green eyes with his blue ones she dropped them to the floor as he walked past. Another conversation she wasn't able to say much in because of the flutter in her stomach and the sense of not being able to breath.

The author's comments:
I came up with this idea right when i hit the fiction box when i submitted it. It seems there's always the one guy in class one girl can never take her eyes off of. So i decided to put that in my story as well. I hope you'll enjoy it and this is only a small fraction of the story so read on to see all of it.

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