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Partners?...Part 2...Pete

July 15, 2010
By ImmaCheerGurl BRONZE, Desert Hot Springs, California
ImmaCheerGurl BRONZE, Desert Hot Springs, California
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Pete's alarm started blasting Three Days Grace, signaling it was time for school. He got out of bed and hopped into the shower for ten minutes. He slipped on a green shirt and dark skinny jeans. Looking in the mirror he saw his mess of brown hair. He quickly combed it out and rushed out the door almost forgetting his backpack. He hopped into his Jeep Wrangler and started driving to school.

He made it into biology class just before the bell rang. He walked past Janie's desk noting how nice she looked today. He sat in his desk watching her. Her blonde hair was put up in a ponytail with a cute little bow on the side. Her green eyes were focused on Mr.O'Connel. Before she had the chance to notice him staring he turned down and started taking random notes that had nothing to do with Mr. O's lecture.

" Mr. Stone..."

" Sure i'd love to."

He reached into the hat hoping to pull Janie's name. Unfortunately he got Gwenneth's. She was nice and smart, but she wasnt Janie.

When Janie pulled out Dave's name, Pete couldn't help but be a little jealous. Dave was mysterious and good looking. Two characteristics most girls like in their men. Maybe even Janie.

When the bell rang he saw Janie jump up to get to the door, but her notebook was on the floor so he went and picked it up.

What he saw surprised him. He found little pictures of him and Janie. Well it looked like him. they were very precise and descriptive. She nailed his every angle perfectly almost as if the picture was him in life. In the corners of the page she had written in small, bold letters 'Janie + Pete' and 'J + P' and even 'Mrs.Stone' in one corner. It was all grade school crush stuff, but it was really cute and he admired it and her.

After failing a conversation with her he decided to go find Jack and report his discovery. Jack was the Quarterback of the football team even though he was a sophmore. He is muscular with close shaved blonde hair. He kind of looked like Brad Pitt, but a younger version.

" Sup Pete. How'd it go with staring at Janie all throughout class?" He said to Pete with a punch to the shoulder.

"Shut up dude. Haha. I think I found out that Janie likes me too. I found her notebook and had stuff about me in it. I think I might make a move to ask her out, but I need your advice."

With a slap to his leg Jack said, " Well what do you need advice on to make a move? You're not asking her to marry you are you? Haha joking man. Well just ask her to the Spring Formal. Then make the next moves on the dance floor. Haha. I crack myself up. No seriously ask her out when you're dancing with her."

" Great idea dude. Thanks." With that he ran to his P.E. class. The second class he had with Janie Hansen.

The author's comments:
This is part 2 of Partners? and its Pete's part of the story.

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