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What should i say?

July 29, 2010
By ladykate100 SILVER, Nunda, New York
ladykate100 SILVER, Nunda, New York
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We are in the pool alone Max and me we are just swimming in circles. Him aimlessly me I'm on high alert. Nobody knows we've been dating for three but some people are starting to suspect. I don’t want this to go on. He keeps chasing me wanting to touch me where he should not be."Um Kate so when did you start liking me?" I want to scream' never I don’t like you in that way why can’t you see that!'But instead I shrug "um why?" "well I was wondering if it was that time in at Calvin’s place" my mind rewinds to the time we lay in the grass waiting for Calvin and Scott to came find us, I had spilled my heart out to him. I don’t know why I did it just felt... I don’t know good to tell him my problems. "No" I say before I can stop myself. “No I liked someone else at the time." I can see that the truth hurts. His face crumples in pain "oh nice thanks for telling me. ...you know I love you." I gasp and dive under the surface and come up on the other side of the pool. "Oh thanks don’t say anything back." I panic what do I say?!?! "Um well isn’t kind of soon to commit it’s only been 3 days." he looks at me well puzzled "really I thought it was more. What about the time at the pool" I shake my head." when I went to your house?" "No we started the day of the party." oh well whatever I still do. and I probably won’t break up with you to winter." in my head I’m screaming in need to think of a way to get him to dump me in need to be single when school starts. I need to get Mark to ask me to the winter dance. "Oh" he starts to babble on about what he did with his cousin last night. I laugh as his mom comes out and scares him. “Time for dinner.” I wolf down my food change and then we leave.
The next day after my mom leaves he tries to call twice but I ignore his calls. The 2nd time he leaves a voice mail ‘hey ah Kate I know I said last night that I wouldn’t break up with you until winter but... well ah I like you as a friend but as a girl friend you can be a real b%&* I’m sorry I-I I just cant date you anymore. I’m sorry call me back when you get this message. Bye’

The author's comments:
this really happened to me i changed the names but it is the same story. post a comment on what you think i should have done. and what i should do. i have to go to camp with him for a week.

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