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The Love of Evangeline

August 7, 2010
By FreakShow818 PLATINUM, Longmont, Colorado
FreakShow818 PLATINUM, Longmont, Colorado
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I brushed her cheek with my hand, and suddenly an icy, electric shock pulsed through me, and star bursts danced in my vision. I gasped. As I got my sight back, I looked at Evangeline, and saw the stars in her eyes, too.

“Did you feel that?” She whispered, a mixture of awe and shock in her voice.

“Yeah.” I murmured.

Then, almost subconsciously, she lay one finger on the hollow of my throat.

The stars danced again, and she gasped and pulled her arm into her own chest. I was dizzy, but the sensation wasn't at all unpleasant. It was like it was supposed to happen.

Until that moment, I had never realized that I hadn't ever touched her bare skin before. Always her arm, which was usually covered by a sleeve, or her shoulder, never touching her skin.

Curious now, I put a finger on her neck, stars. Two fingers, ice. I shivered and put my full hand on the side of her throat. She gasped again. I was breathless, awestruck. I pulled her closer to me, pulling her forward gently by the back of her neck until there was hardly an inch between us. I brushed my hand through her hair, and she replaced her hand first on my neck, then in my hair as well. The electricity rose goose bumps on my scalp as the sparks danced and spun. She twirled her fingers through my hair and kept them there, not willing me to move away. She closed her eyes, obviously enjoying this sudden discovery.

I closed my eyes too, and was amazed as the stars bloomed even brighter behind my eyelids. I figured they would continue to do so until we parted. I felt like I was flying. This feeling of such elation was almost pushing me over into exuberant hysteria. I opened my eyes, and found Evangeline staring at me, her rich golden eyes glowing with I hoped. But how could that be possible? How long ago had we met? A week ago? A couple days? I didn't know, I didn't care. All that mattered in this moment was her, and never wanting to leave this perfection.

“This is...almost frightening...” Evangeline said breathlessly.

“Is frightening...okay?” I asked, my heart felt as if it were about to explode.

Evangeline moved even closer, leaning her forehead against mine, and taking in her breath once again as the sensation was amplified by the move. “Yes.” She blurted. I could hear her heartbeat flying.

I tried to laugh a shaky laugh, but because the electricity was so overtaking, it stuck in my throat with fright, as if my body wasn't sure what to make of such an uncertain noise.

What if...? I couldn't finish the thought. Just picturing the end of the thought in my mind made the stars dance elatedly, with anticipation, it seemed. My heart was pounding in my ears.

I moved my free hand to Evangeline's jaw, and my heart leaped again. I moved along to her chin, and lifted her head so her eyes could greet me. She smiled. Her eyes were alight with admiration, curiosity, happiness. I looked down at her smile. That beautiful smile. The one that I was sure could light up my day no matter the circumstance. And her perfect pink lips...

I wasn't sure if I was the one who did it, or if Evangeline had. But our lips met, and there were fireworks. They weren't just little stars anymore. No, it was life. It was fire, burning brighter than I had ever known possible. Our lips moved in synchronization, and I could feel her smile sometimes through the kisses. There wasn't another being on the planet. She was the only one that mattered now. I was blinded, gasping for air, and dizzy as I left her mouth and kissed her chin, hungrily down her jaw, to the hollow of her neck and up again to her ear, and then back to her mouth. My eyes were closed, and it seemed to make every other sense ten times more acute. I could feel the heat of her perfectly tanned skin, smell the flowered scent of the lotion she had used, and hear her heart pounding. I put one hand on her chest, to feel the pulse of her heart, and the other back into her auburn hair. She was trembling.

As quickly as it had started, it ended. There was a knock on my door and I, not without effort, wrenched myself away from her as quickly as possible, ramming myself into my bedside table because I was so dizzy and almost completely blind. The fireworks were still blooming in front of my eyes, though they were open. I tried to prop myself up against the table and knocked down my lamp in the process. It clattered to the floor and the bulb broke, suddenly submerging the room in darkness. I heard Evangeline giggle a few feet away.

“Everything alright in there?” My mom said worriedly. I knew she thought we were doing something much worse than we really were.

“Everything is just fine. Devon just knocked over his lamp and the light went out.” Evangeline giggled again. She seemed to have found her composure much faster than I had found mine.

The door flew open then, and my mom reached for the overhead light switch, and I was blinded again. The stars for the most part had gone away, but just looking at that beautiful girl in the center of my bedroom made me want the stars she brought me again. It was like a magnet, and I had to work very hard not to succumb to it's power, to her power.

My mom wore a look of pure wariness, and she looked at us both with confusion. We were both fully clothed, of course, and except for the fact that both Evangeline and my cheeks were burning with the electricity that hadn't quite receded yet, and that Evangeline's hair was slightly askew, we were perfectly normal.

Mom looked back and forth between us anyway, and as she did, the look on her face changed to something more of concern, and slight...fear? And I realized why. Evangeline was still looking at me with a look of something like love, like adoration, though I don't think she meant to. But when I met her eyes for the first time in the light since we'd parted, I couldn't look away. It was just us on the planet again. She smiled a crooked smile, and holding my gaze, linked her hands innocently behind her back.

Mom cleared her throat. “Dinner is ready. I hope your hungry,” she announced, and turned to go back down stairs.

It was only then I realized that we had only been up in my room for no more than ten minutes.

The author's comments:
This is just part of a long story I'm working on. I don't want to post the whole thing for fear someone might plagiarize it (did I spell that right?);D

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