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Drop Dead

September 18, 2010
By Talia_Silverwolf GOLD, Dayton, Texas
Talia_Silverwolf GOLD, Dayton, Texas
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Why did he have to look so good? Damn that boy! He just irkled me so. The way he smiled, the way he walked, the way he talked, and the way his golden eyes could bore straight through someone's cold black heart and could see exactly what that person had done.
You know, of all the girls in the world, he kidnapped me. Really? Why couldn't he put someone like Victoria through this kind of torture? And by torture I mean him being at such close range. I won't lie, Damien was very beautiful in a sense. But Jesus.
All sorts of questions kept running through my mind when he walked in, a smirk upon his engaging lips.
"Alright. What gives you kretin? Why'd you bring me here? And why the Hell am I tied to a chair?" I glared at him, trying to make my grey eyes do what his golden ones were capable of. He laughed.
"Nice try, Blake. But you're eyes aren't quite as melting and inviting as mine. Neither is your voice and insults will get you no where with a gentleman like myself." I snorted.
"Gentleman? Ha! I doubt a "gentleman" would tie a poor, defenseless girl up to a chair. What are you planning on doing, anyhow? Raping me? Murdering me? Holding me for ransom? Because I got big news for you mister, no one's gonna pay no amount of money for me. Want to know why? Because No one ca-" he motioned for me to silence myself.
"Calm yourself, Blake. I mean for none of that to happen. I just needed to get you alone." There was that smirk again. Okay. What was this creepy crawley REALLY up to? Something about that smirks just irked me. But it also warned me to be weary of him.
"Now hold still so I can cut the ropes." He clicked open a pocket knife and I jumped as I felt the cold steel against my wrists. One by one the ropes loosened then fell to the floor.
Once I felt the last rope fall, I was up and running. No way was I about to be stuck here alone with Damien. Not untill Hell froze over anyways. Just as I was reaching for the door handle, a cold hand was suddenly wrapped around the nape of my neck and dragging me backwards, my black high heels sliding on the floor as I tried to get some sort of friction.
"Don't even think about it, little missy. I'm faster and smarter than you are." I was flung back against a wall and there was Damien, standing with his back against the door, a smirk portraying on his beautiful face.
"How the Hell did you do that?" I managed to spit at him, rubbing where my wrist had hit the wall.
"I'm faster than you are." He said, watching me as I stood. Like I said, No way in Hell was I about to stay here.
He watched my every move as I started towards him and the door. I stood in front of him, my evening gown swirling around me like black mist.
"Move. Before I move you myself." I growled at him. He laughed darkly.
"I'd like to see you try you little witch." He said, his hand pinching my cheek.
Oh! That was it!
I bit down on his hand, my canines sinking deep into the flesh of his fingers. I could feel my teeth slicing deep into the flesh, I could feel the flow of his blood as I bit into a vein.
His blood started to fill into my mouth and I yanked back hard, releasing his hand, sputtering the blood on the ground. He laughed again and wiped the blood of my bottom lip while I was stil sputtering.
"My blood doesn't taste so well does it?" He was smiling now.
"Drop dead you son of a b-" I was cut short as he grabbed my chin roughly and kissed me with just as much crudeness. My eyes went wide as he let me go.
"I already have."
Well, I guess Hell had frozen over. Oh great. This was going to be a wonderful night.

The author's comments:
If there are spelling mistakes, I'm terribly sorry. I truly wasn't paying very much attention at all and just let my fingers roam about on the keys. Just to see what would turn up.

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