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A DJ's love note

November 14, 2010
By Abel24 GOLD, Alpharetta, Georgia
Abel24 GOLD, Alpharetta, Georgia
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"Never to suffer would never to have been blessed."
- Edgar Allan Poe

"The death of a beautiful woman, is unquestionably the most poetical topic in the world."

-Edgar Allan Poe

After the fight I went to work, you know how much I love it. You know how I always think about you with all those songs I play. This time it was worse, every time I placed my bulgy headphones to cover my ears I thought about you. Everything that I love doing, reminds me of you. All those nights when I couldn't sleep, you would come over and talk to me till I fell asleep. As we laced hands staring into each other's eyes. I have tried to equalize the same feelings as I had then. But there cannot be anymore happiness now that you are gone. I know writing this letter to you is just a waste of my time...But what had happened I am so very sorry, and you were right. I should of came home after work. I should of spun a couple of disks and came home to you.

I know no matter what I say, nothing will change your mind. In fact I know you can't change what has happened. I realize that you still love me, yet you walked out of our house and went into his car. I wish I had what it took to just pull you out of that car. I wish I had what it took to kiss you in front of all of your friends, who were also previously in that mess. I wish I had what it took to spend more time with you than at work. Now I will never get to see your beautiful face and your beautiful smile ever again. I should of stopped you from leaving and I should of work everything out with you...Now I miss you.

After the whole ordeal was over, I realized that:

Never will I hold you,

Never will I kiss you,

Never will I see the exquisite dancing you possessed at the club I perform at.

Never will I ever see you again.

Because not you're gone and there is no way of getting you back. Do you miss me? Did you just forget about me when You left? I honestly don't know any of the answers to these questions. I wish I could of asked you the answers before you left that night. Do you remember the content of our fight? Because I honestly can not remember. The way I see it as:

Before our fight, when you said that you loved me and that I was your man. I had sworn to myself to work for over three whole weeks to try and get you this...It's a ring Sera.....I love you so very much. I wasn't trying to cheat on you like you thought. Instead I was trying to propose to you....Yet before I had enough time to ask, we had our fight. You got into that car so upset afterwards. That you didn't realize how drunk Adam was, now you are all gone from my life. I knew he was drunk, before the police had told me the next day. How else could he of hit a tree. Splitting his skull in half, and you....I can't even Fathom how broken I am now. I wish I could of talked you out into getting in that car....Now it's too late....Now I'm all alone.
Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that I love you Sera. And now, every time I walk over to your tombstone. I cry, not like a man. But like a silly teenage girl.....I loved you so very much. And the thing that hurts so much is reading your tombstone. I love you Sera even more....now that you're gone....

Sera Wiese
"Eternal God, You made the union of man and woman a sign of the bond between Christ and the Church. Grant mercy and peace to Sera, who was united in love with me. May the care and devotion of her life on earth find a lasting reward in heaven. Look compassionately on 'what could of been' her children and me, as now we turn to Your mercy and love. Strengthen our faith and lighten our loss. Amen."

The author's comments:
After about 2 years of completely upgrading my writing ability I have a full new batch of new works. :)

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