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"A new beginning"

November 18, 2010
By BrittanyM. GOLD, Mount Vernon, New York
BrittanyM. GOLD, Mount Vernon, New York
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The taxi halted for a stop as the headlights began to blink rapidly. Maddie digged her nails through the leather seats, hoping to loosen her anger, but found it useless when her nail-beds began to throb.
“I’m sorry, miss.” The mattered mustache of the driver peeped through the window.
“But, its downhill from here. This piece of crap, has broken down.” He plowed into his pockets for a crimpled up cigarette box, and when he found it was empty, cursed under his breath.
It was almost twelve o’clock. The designated time where she would have left for the airport, was far from gone.
“Thank you sir, for traveling this far,” she ruffled through her bag and gave him the fare.
“Ma’m wait..” The driver didn’t have the opportunity to finish his sentence because of Maddie’s sudden rush through the door. In her heels, the journey of dodging the lines of taxi’s zooming past or the coach buses that accompanied them was enough to make her head spin.

“Maddielyn wait.” She knew the voice by heart. Turning around she made her hair fall to the side, as the sun beamed on her skin. Maddie pursed her lips when she saw her boss sprint to greet her.
“Mr. Heller what a surprise to see you here,” she extended her hand. His eyes hadn’t left hers while he explained his situation in being in the city so early. Maddie bit lip, after glancing at her watch.
“Well, I am a bit late for my flight,” she placed her sunglasses on.
“Okay, then I’ll see you at work,” a spark played in his eyes.
She waved him a goodbye while each stiletto heel moved faster.

In a matter of ten minutes, Maddie was able to catch her flight to England. Flying in coach was her next best thing since first class had been packed. She sat back in her seat and rubbed her temples.
The emotions with planning this trip made her nervous in the real reason why she left. Without her boss knowing, and her family out of the loop altogether.

Her mind recollected the time she was alone with Mr. Heller in the break room, making copies for the staff. She had pressed the wrong amount on the copy machine, resulting in it going hay wired. Their hands had touched in the process of picking up all the sheets, even though for a matter of seconds. After, the mess had been cleaned up, she found out that she had a lot in common with him. Maddie made it her sole purpose everyday to get Mr. Heller to notice her more. Whether it meant hiking up her skirt a few inches, or making commonly made mistakes, a little bit more common, she always found a way to grab his attention.

It was over a year she had been working for Mr. Heller as the secretary in the lobby. A year that started of more rocky than easy.
She wanted her relationship between him and her to go faster. But soon realized that her thirty years of experience with men had lead to many failed relationships. There had been Richard, who was not at all tolerable with the fact that she had male co-workers. His constant whines and complains made Maddie question herself why she ever choose him in the first place. Said experience with men, plagued every opportunity to form any relationship.
“Are you going to eat that,” a bald guy pointed to her pack of almonds. She shook her head and handed him the pack.
“This movie is great, eh.”
Maddie focused her attention to the minute square box placed before her. Kate Winslet graced the scene as her foot was arched up on a sofa.
“Sense and Sensibility.”

The man nodded stuffing his mouth with more of the almonds.
“Not a big Jane Austen fan. Huh.” With the look of her face when she pronounced each syllable of title it was obvious that she wasn’t.
“I guess I am a little more of a Emily Bronte fan,” she shrugged watching Kate’s charming physic.

“Sucks for you. Jane is total genius.” He turned from facing Maddie and clamped the headphones on his redden ears.
She leaned into the window and closed her eyes. The reality of leaving to go back to her home country was enough to overwhelm a person. She had been running from her past; the part where dreaming about Mr. Heller came more often. Maddie was all mixed up, messing around with a married man. Her guilt forced her decision to run away. Free from all her worries, and no longer hinged with fact that her life was messed up.

Maddie felt a nudge on her arm. Slowly she opened her eyes, to find the man seated adjacent from her, resting gently on her forearm. She didn’t know what to do, and found it rude to just push him off. Patting him on his knee, Maddie attempted to wake him up. With first two tries he didn’t seem at least bit aware of his surroundings.
“Um, excuse me,” she cleared her throat.
His gray eyes suddenly became animated.
“Oh, I am so sorry,” he began to burry her in apologizes. She noticed that his head hadn’t moved from the spot, on her arm.
“No problem,” she shifted her arm from under his head.

“We are now landing,” a voice from the intercom boomed through the plane.
“I know that this is kind of personal question to ask but why did you come to England,” he began packing his things on top of each other.
“Is it to find adventure, or is it that you are in fact British?”
He had stop eating the almonds and was completely focused on Maddie.

“Attention passengers, please exit through the aisles in a neatly fashion.”
Maddie wanted to get off the plane and pretend like that question was never presented. She gathered her things and shoved through the lines of people. Still feeling like that guy next to her knew what was going on, she quickened her pace.

As soon as her feet reached English soil she wanted retreat back.
Why did you come to England?

“Mommy what will happen if we plant the seed here in England? Will it still grow if we take it back to America?”
A little girl tugged her mother’s coat and stared into her eyes. Maddie watched as her mother kneeled down to comfort her daughter.
“Yes Maddielyn, as long as we continue to nourish it and give it light to grow.

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deus-ex-machina14 BRONZE, Stewartsville, New Jersey
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"There are two main tragedies in life. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it." -Oscar Wilde

You're welcome! Maybe you could check out some of my stuff, if you wanted. I'd really like you opinion!

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on Nov. 21 2010 at 8:39 pm
deus-ex-machina14 BRONZE, Stewartsville, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"There are two main tragedies in life. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it." -Oscar Wilde

I love the ending! Great story, keep writing!