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January 5, 2011
By Mehnaz Ali Khan SILVER, Fulton, Maryland
Mehnaz Ali Khan SILVER, Fulton, Maryland
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Mehnaz A. Khan

This was technically the second time this had happened. The first was when all this nonsense began, hours ago it seems; before chaos erupted and our school was sent on a rampage of terror.
But that's another story that I'll explain later. Different story for a different time. Right now I'm preoccupied with the seven or eight lizard-resembling monsters creeping towards me from across the hall. They can't see me, they're blind after all, but their hearing is keenly sharp. I have to be careful, I tell myself as I cover my mouth with my left hand to conceal my breathing which, at this moment, and deep and heavy. The slightest sound will send these monsters storming in my direction and that's frankly the last thing I want.
One of the lizards opens its mouth and seems to inhale, revealing a row of razor sharp teeth. I gulp down nonexistent spit; my mouth is dry as I watch, petrified. If they notice my presence, I might be dead. No, I'll definitely be dead.
Where had Samantha and Michael went? They were with me only moments ago, because I stumbled across these fun little critters. Suddenly, a horrifying thought crossed my mind. No, I reassure myself, there's no way anything has happened to them; they're strong.
I notice that one of the lizards is sniffing the air, probably catching on to a foreign scent- my foreign scent. Lovely. I contemplate the nearest exists but find nothing but the door behind me that had, if I remembered correctly, led to another room filled with man-eating lizards. The blood drains from my face as I accept reality as it hits me. I may die today and the only thought that's crossing through my mind is how I'm spending my last moments alone- well, with the exception of these scaly monsters.
Behind me I hear footsteps that put me on edge. Lizard? No, too light. Human? I turn around cautiously and face the intruder. He stared at me in surprise, as if he wasn't expecting to see me here. "Well, curious running into you here!" I imagine him saying, which almost makes me giggle.
He mouths the words "are you okay?" To which I mouth back "yes, but I may not be for long." He eyes the lizards and frowns. "This a predicament."
Then he swiftly draws a blade from nowhere. Well, it came from somewhere but I wasn't paying too much attention to that. In a matter of minutes, all the monsters are dead, sliced to death by a glistening silver blade. He wipes the blood off of the sword with a look of disgust, obviously not very happy with the gore.
"Glad to see you here." I grin.
He looks over at me and shrugs. "Everyone thought you were dead, so I went out to look for you."
That made me a little upset. "Dead? They think I'll die that easily?"
"You almost died here."
I frown and my mood turns sour, like it had been before he showed up. I remember seeing him together with Alyson, how cozy they were before all this madness was unleashed. You two-timing little...! I feel like punching him in the crotch but I refrain. "Where is the rest of everybody?"
"I told them to get a move on; there's no point in playing stagnant when that can lead to easy prey."
I nod. A sensible conclusion. "How's Alyson?" Uh oh. The words escape from my lips before I have a moment to stop myself.
He raises an eyebrow, examining my expression. "What?"
My eyes widen in horror. No, stop! Stop, stop, stop! "Sorry." I whisper-mutter. This isn't good, so I start walking towards the door on the other side of the hall.
"You just asked about Alyson." He says as he jogs to catch up.
"No, not really. I just mentioned her name and..." I search for the right words. "Never mind, it's not worth it."
At that, he steps a big step in front of me and stops me with his hands on my shoulders. "What are you thinking? That something is going on between me and Alyson?"
I have to avoid looking into his eyes because once I do I'll be sucked into a turquoise-blue vortex with little to no escape.
"Kira!" He shouts, louder this time.
"What?" I shout back, shaking myself free from his iron grip. "I'm sorry I brought it up!"
"You're being overly dramatic!" He yells back, jogging once again.
"I'm a girl, aren't I? It's in the job description."
"You're jealous."
"Again, I'm a girl, aren't I? It's in the job-"
He stops me again, but this time more tenderly. He looks at me gingerly as he whispers, "Seriously."
Oh no, turquious-blue flux vortex! My instruments aren't working! My brain is exploding and all hopes of intelligent or witty conversation is impossible! This can't be good...
"She latches onto you like a... like a..."
"Leech?" He mutters.
"Yes! A leech!" I shout. "And of course you'd be more than happy about that fact; she's a walking Barbie. Well, even though she's not a natural blond..."
"That's right, I said it! Alyson Careel dyes her hair!"
He sighs, slowing shaking his head and sliding his sword back into its holder attached to his jeans. "What are you talking about?"
"Er..." What was I talking about? It's the flux vortex! "Anyway, I just think she's too attached is all."
"Why do you care?" He asks, walking besides me. He takes curious glances at me, trying to read me. "Wait a second..." He stops in front of me, again, and inches slowly towards my face.
Woah! "What?" I turn away head away from him, but he keeps on easing forward.
He's milimeters away from my lips when he whispers, "You like me."
I bat him away and let out an exasperated moan-grunt-cry. "You already know that! You knew that since last year! My little crush on you has been advertised high and low; I'd be surprised if you didn't know."
Another charming grin. "But I never had the opportunity to talk it out."
I roll my eyes. "Like you cared when you had girls like Alyson Careel drooling all over you."
A wider grin. "I could've given you a shot, you know? Well, I could now, but the situation's a little bit different."
I look around. Oh right, there's eight dead lizard-monsters dripping blood all over the floor of the hall. There's nothing normal about the situation right now.
He swings an arm around my shoulders, causing me to shrink in surprise. This is a first for me- a boy being this intimate.
"Shall we find the others?" He smiles.
Right, the others. There were ten of us and I had lost them. You see, all hell broke loose less than twelve hours ago when a strange chemical substance broke through its petri dish in the lab upstairs...

The author's comments:
Just an excerpt, sort of. I hope you like it!

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