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Tutored To Be Loved Chapter 4: Just Friends

March 1, 2011
By chrisoulakat PLATINUM, Tinley Park, Illinois
chrisoulakat PLATINUM, Tinley Park, Illinois
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Each day, he’d walk with me everywhere, to classes, to my house, and we’d hang out a lot. He’d eat dinner with my family most days, and in school, the rumors started. People always questioned me if Sean’s my boyfriend. I’d say no, and move along, like it’s no big deal. Some think it is, but I think it’s ridiculous. Can’t a guy and a girl be just friends? Apparently not, and it’s weird how we can’t be just friends.
We were at Starbucks and bought coffee while doing our homework.
“So, are you okay if I ask Mandy out?”
“It’s Mandy Jays, right?”
“Yeah,” He said.
“Of course I am, even though I’m not a big fan of her, I think you two would be very cute. Just promise me she won’t affect our friendship.”
“I promise, and I’m thinking of asking her out during homeroom, maybe a note.”
“A note is okay, maybe in person would be better.”
“Okay, I’ll give her a note that will say, ‘Come by my locker after homeroom.’ Then if she comes, I’ll ask her.”
“That’s perfect, and when did you start liking her?”
“Umm, I started the other day.”
“The other day, come on, you are such an idiot.” We both laughed, and then finished our papers.
“So, do you like anyone?”
“Me, no, I’m focusing on my studies and band, remember?”
“Are you sure? Because I’ll get one for you, if you want.”
“Ha, thanks, but I’m only a freshman, I should take high school seriously, for one, and two, boys are obnoxious in our school.”
“I am and I’m your best friend,” He said.
“Ha, true, but still, Sean, no guy will like me, especially Mike.”
“You like Mike? Mike Sanders, the one on my basketball team?”
“…Maybe. Why are you making such a big deal out of this?”
“I thought you’d like Steve, or Henry.”
“Come on, do you know me at all?”
“Apparently not, and I’ll fix you up with him.”
“Sean! Don’t seriously, I don’t want a boyfriend! Besides, people think that you and I am a couple.”
“I know it’s kind of weird.” We didn’t talk for thirty seconds until he spoke again. “Don’t worry, you’ll be with him.”
“Sean, don’t otherwise I’ll kill you.”
“That’s the first threat I’ve ever heard you say to me.”
“Well I’ll have to do it more often.” We smiled at each other and he looked into my eyes, and I suddenly looked away. “Uh, my mom is probably is waiting outside. I’ll talk to you later.” He stood up and gave me his giant hugs that I love, and I left.
“How was it?” My mom asked in the kitchen.
“Fine, we got all of our homework done.”
“Stop being so naïve for once. I know you like him.”
“Mom, I don’t! He’s my best friend and I don’t like him that way! I already told you that I like Mike!”
“Okay, okay, but someday, you two will be meant for each other.”
“Mom, you’re watching too much soap opera.” She laughed while she was cutting up carrots.
“I know I am, and talk to me about this Mike guy.”
“He’s so similar to Sean, it’s so weird. Mike is on the basketball team, intelligent, has brown hair, a little shorter that Sean’s hair, and is a friend of Sean.”
“He sounds cute,” She commented.
“Yeah, Sean’s going to ask out Mandy tomorrow.”
“That’s nice. Ever since you and Sean have been hanging out, I’ve never seen you so talkative and not quiet before.”
“Well, I’m the same around Sarah too.”
“By the way, how is Sarah?”
“Fine, I haven’t talked to her in a long time because Sean came in my life.”
“Well, that’s different.”
“I guess,” I said.
“Do you miss her?”
“Sometimes, and I don’t know, if we’re friends or not.”
“Check and see tomorrow.”
“I guess I will.”

I walked up to Sarah after first period, and wanted to see how she’s been. “Hey, I miss you.”
“Same here,” She said. “But you’ve been too busy with the guy I want.”
“What are you talking about? He’s my best friend, nothing more.”
“Based on what I’ve heard, you two are an item.”
“Sarah, you actually believe that?”
“Yeah, he gives you the look like he did when he was dating Maddie.” Now I realize, he’s tearing my friendship with Sarah, but I love Sean to death. He’s the only guy best friend I’ve ever had, and I don’t want to lose him.
“Sarah, please just listen to me, I didn’t or don’t mean to hurt you, or have him replace you…”
“It seems like it.”
“But it’s not what it looks like!” She walked away, and I realized I lost my best friend… the only one I loved since third grade. I placed my books against my chest, and while everyone left for their second period class, I walked slowly trying to remember all of the good times we had. I luckily didn’t get a detention, and my math teacher knew something was wrong. Mr. Stanley called me up while we were supposed to work on our homework.
“Yes, Mr. Stanley ?”
“Why were you late?”
“I’m sorry, something happened, which is getting me more depressed, and I’m sorry!” He gave me a stern look.
“Promise me it won’t happen again, Ms. Robins?”
“I promise.”

Lunch arrived and I wasn’t really excited until I saw Sean. He waved to me and I saw that he saved a seat for me.
“Hey, how are you?”
“Just great,” I said sarcastically.
“Really, you don’t look like it.”
“I was sarcastic Sean. Just try to cheer me up please?”
“Well, I have a girlfriend.”
“You do, she said yes?”
“Yeah, and I’m going to hang out with her after school…”
“Oh, so you won’t come over?”
“No, but I’ll try later tonight…” His voice became disconnected until he saw Mandy. She has black curly hair, shoulder length, and has a mini skirt with leggings under, and a Gilly’s blue sweater on.
“Hey babe,” She said to him.
“Hey, this is Lily.” He introduced.
“Oh, hi,” She awkwardly said.
“Lily, this is Mandy, and I bet you two will be great friends.”
“Well, um, Sean, I’ll leave you two alone,” I told him, “I’ll see you later tonight.”
“Bye,” He told me. “Hon, can I get up for a sec?” He got up and gave me one of his hugs, which I needed. I walked into the science lab and ate my lunch there, silent, and alone. Thinking of how my life’s going to be like, I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty.
Sean didn’t come over later that night, but text me with an apology. It said ‘I hope our friendship won’t be like what happened today, I miss you.’

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