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I'll never forget

March 27, 2011
By UselessItalian GOLD, Kewaskum, Wisconsin
UselessItalian GOLD, Kewaskum, Wisconsin
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I remember that day the science teacher assigned us to be lab partners. You seemed like just any average boy, I don’t know what happened to make you so kind. We were working on chemical reactions, and as long as we worked, your eyes never strayed from the beaker. You measured everything closely, to the last centimeters or grams. I watched you the whole class. I learned many things about you that day. I learned many things about myself as well. I’ll never forget
I remember the day I passed you in the hall and you actually stopped to talk to me. My heart was beating so fast and hard. I was afraid you would see it. You had asked me for algebra notes. I was so excited. It was so stupid. Afterward I had to run to the bathrooms to calm down. That was the first day I realized I had feeling for you. I’ll never forget.
I remember the day I saw you in the park. You were jogging in the rain, all by yourself. You seem so happy in public. I never knew you were this lonely. I’ll never forget.
I remember the day you asked me to the dance. I felt like I was going to pass out. I was shocked. I never knew you had feelings for me. All I could do was nod, and you smiled at me. I love your smiles. I’ll never forget.
I remember the day you finally held my hand. We were in the park, looking at the birds by the river. You told me that you loved me, and I answer the same. We vowed to be together forever. And you slipped your hand in mine, and we kissed for the first and the last time ever. I’ll never forget.
I remember the night of the dance. I was so happy. I felt weightless. You twirled me around, laughing and smiling that smile I love so much. And time seemed to stop. You were a great dancer. But I was horrible, and you just laughed and told me to stop thinking about it, and to just have fun. That was the best night of my life. I’ll never forget.
I remember the night I got that phone call. There was a sympathetic voice on the phone. He had said that there had been an accident. You had committed suicide. Jumping into the very same river where you had held my hand. You had died instantly. I almost died from the pain. I almost drown from the tears. Just like you. I’ll never forget you.
I never knew you were that pained inside. I never knew you felt lost. I could have helped. You should have told me. You could have been happy. But instead, you took the easy way out. My beautiful angel, remember me. I’ll never forget you.

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