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Tutored to be Loved Chapter 15: 10 Years Later

May 2, 2011
By chrisoulakat PLATINUM, Tinley Park, Illinois
chrisoulakat PLATINUM, Tinley Park, Illinois
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I parked my Honda Civic into the banquet’s parking lot. I checked myself in the mirror to make sure my make-up is okay. I curled my brown hair; which is down to my shoulders. I reapplied red lipstick and made sure my mascara and eyeliner popped out my green eyes. I got out of the car and made sure my purple Kimono dress with black heels looked okay. I could not believe that this is my ten year high school reunion. I am nervous to see Sean and Mandy. I have not talked to Sean in so long. I walked into the banquet hall and I immediately saw Sarah. Sarah. My old best friend.

“Hi.” I kissed her on the cheek and hugged her. “You look great.”

“So do you.” I stepped back and looked at her. She has a great tan, and her strawberry blond hair is straightened and she wears makeup now.

“How have you been?” We walked to sign in and to get our name tags.

“I’ve been good. I recently just got married to an entrepreneur. His name is Andy Lovato. “

“Congratulations. That must’ve been quite a remarkable journey. What is your career?”

“I am a nurse at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. How about you? How is your daughter?” I could not believe she remembered. It feels like old times. She certainly quit smoking, I could tell.

“I am still single. My daughter, Christiana, is twelve years old now. These years ought to be interesting.” We laughed. “I am a high school English teacher, and I enjoy teaching the students. My daughter is handful though. She wants all this Abercrombie and Hollister crap that looks trashy.”

“Good luck. That must’ve been rough. I am glad you’re doing well though.”

“You too. I will see you later.” I walked in the banquet. The room was filled with mirrors, but everyone was near the bar. I set my stuff down and walked over by the bar to request some wine.

“Lily?” I heard somebody call my name.

“Hey Jeanine!” I squealed and hugged her. I felt like tonight would be a good night. I ate with a group of people I have not seen in so long. I decided to be a bigger person and talk to Mandy.

“Hello, Mandy.” I tapped her shoulder.

“Lily? Lily Robins? Is that you?” She hugged me and kissed my cheek.

“Yes it is. How are you?”

“Great! I just got engaged.” Is everyone getting engaged nowadays? I mean, I learned my lesson. I won’t be getting married until I am thirty five.

“Congratulations! Who is the lucky man?” Ugh, am I really this nice?

“The sexy beast is Carter Peters.” She took this six foot man’s hand. She rubbed her perfectly manicured nails across his chest. His skin was pale. He was actually a redhead with hazel eyes.

“Nice to meet you.” He shook my hand. His grip is firm.

“Listen, Lily. I apologize for all my actions in high school. I was a jealous b**** who shouldn’t have done that. I really, am truly sorry. If you could forgive me, I would greatly appreciate that.” I was stunned. Well, we are in our late twenties’ now. So I suppose we all matured a bit.

“I forgive you. Speaking of forgiveness, where is Sean Adams?” Her face looked surprised.

“He is over there- by the bar in the corner. Go give him a shout.”

“Thanks, Mandy. I will talk to you later. I wish the best with you and your fiancé.”

“You too, Lily. I hope your daughter is well.”
My head was spinning. Could all this be really happening? I need another drink. “One glass of Pinot Noir, please.” I requested to the bartender. I let the alcohol burn my throat for preparation to speak to …Sean.

“Lily!” I heard Sean’s voice and its body came closer.

“Oh, um, Hello Sean. How are you?” He wanted to hug, but I took out my hand instead.

“I am well. How are you?”

“I am great. I have a successful career and my daughter is keeping me out of trouble.” I laughed.

“Your daughter, huh? How is she?”

“She is fantastic. “ I grabbed my wallet out to show him a picture of her from school.

“Wow….She looks amazing. Just like you.” I slightly blushed.

“Thank you. Christiana is in the seventh grade and is in a few sports. She is in cross country and basketball.”

“Well I am glad all is well. How did you, um, handle these past ten years with little financial stability?”

“I went to school during days with the help of my mother, and worked at night. Sometimes I had little sleep, but we did well.” He offered me a drink. “No, thank you. We all know something might happen again.” I laughed. He didn’t.

“Lily, I was a fool. I am sorry for what I did. I would like to be involved with my daughter’s life.” Now? After twelve years of her being born? He wants to be in Christiana’s life? I don’t think so.

“Yes, you were a fool. If you were sorry, you would’ve came back while I was in labor twelve years ago and then I would’ve accepted your apology.” I stood there looking at him. “But I forgive you. I will never forget how big of an idiot you were. I cannot have you enter my daughter’s life in her tween years and screw up everything.”

“Will you accept my apology?” He pleaded. I looked at him in the eyes for a few seconds. He looked away. What a puss, I thought.

“I will forgive you, but I won’t accept your apology nor forget who you are.” I was about to walk away, but then I turned around. “Goodbye, Sean.” I then walked away and took a seat. I felt as though thousands of pounds lifted off my shoulders.

“Lily?” Who wants me now? It better not be Sean. It did sound like him.

“What the hell do you want Sean?” I asked in an angry tone. I turned around and looked at the name tag: HENRY JACOBS. “Oh, Henry. I am so sorry about that.” I stood up and hugged him. “How are you?” He looked fine. His blond hair was spiked, and he got contacts I see. He was wearing a blazer with slacks. The green shirt brought out his blue/green eyes. Boy, he does look amazing .

“I am great. I have been very successful these past few years. I graduated from Yale and majored in Business and marketing. My company is taking off currently, and I am the CEO of it.” My mouth dropped. Impressive, I thought.

“That is phenomenal and impressive. I am so glad to hear everything is well for you.”

“Yes, everything is.” His voice is deep, and less geeky. “How are you? Are you alright? Is everything okay with Sean and your daughter?” We both sat down. I explained to him about Christiana and how Sean is going to be exited out her life forever. I explained that my love life hasn’t been as exciting since high school and I told him about my career. We both had a few more drinks after that. Henry talked about his career and he owns a penthouse downtown. He offered me to stop by his penthouse tonight. I accepted.

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