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Despite all Odds

May 2, 2011
By tracey217 BRONZE, Dix Hills, New York
tracey217 BRONZE, Dix Hills, New York
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“Safest ship!”, “the Queen of the Ocean”, and “Unsinkable!” headlined today’s daily newspaper.

“How can 46,000 tons of metal possibly stay afloat?” asked Nicholas.
“Well father, technology is not the way is what back in the 1800’s.” answered Jane fondly.

“Oh me, oh my! Seems as though my dear friend Edward Smith,” he said rumpling the newspaper “will be the captain of this ‘ere boats voyage from Southampton to New York City. How wonderful it would be to experience such an expedition in a luxurious ocean liner. What do you say of it my dear Jane?”

“It would certainly be quite the adventure!”

“Oh my sweet Jane! To take you to America has been a dream of mine! The culture is rather bizarre, but the people are welcoming and I’m sure you will meet a host of new people!”

“This sounds all too quick father, for I have plans.”

“Pish, posh! New York does not wait, and neither should we, for opportunities to sail aboard the worlds most lavish ship does not appear often.”

“Your words seem to be flying out of your mouth awfully quick! I cannot bear to think of plans to see New York for I have to prepare of University.”

“Jane, education for a beautiful young woman is not necessary after grade school.”

“Father, please allow me to clear my head of this New York talk over a cup of soothing hot tea. When I am ready to speak of New York I will seek to it. Please do excuse me for a brief moment.” Over a cup of tea Jane pondered the idea of New York and thought about her friends Sue and Marie who visited New York recently. For they had a lovely time she recalled. Oh, but her hopes to get into University would be finished. And forever a Mother she could only be. Oh, but the thought of starting a new life and possibly settling in New York would satiate her more than anything! For the bitter, rainy weather displeased her greatly.

“I accept to visit New York on one circumstance,” she requested hopefully “if I dare stumble upon a man of my liking, please do understand that I contend to a new life.”

“I understand your plea, for I love you much more than you may know and I do fancy a man to be in your life, not including myself.”

“Oh! Lovely father, you are so delicate with my affirmations.”

“With the love only a father could give of course I would respect your wants. And if it is fair to say, the ship is said to depart a week from today.”

“I shall pack at this!” Jane responded with much excitement. For her adventures aboard this innovative ship is sure to be an interesting one.

A week passed by and Jane was consumed by the thrills that New York had in store. Whether she would reside in the foreign city seemed to be a question she has yet to answer.

“Wow! For this ship is like a traveling town made of metal! The magnitude of its size appalls me greatly! Oh my, father what a ship!”

“Yes dear she is, ‘The Queen of the Ocean,” as many seem to call her.”

The mere sight of her new temporary home took her aback that she had to take many deep breaths off frosty, salt-laden air.

Once Jane and her father settled aboard their lives changed for the better. As little as one week into their voyage did Jane set her eyes on a witty handsome boy of her tender age. His name was Henry, and he himself was captivated by Jane when he saw her too. A love story known all too well, soon took them over and brought their friendly relationship to one of sneaking out at night to see each other on the ship’s deck. Where they would count the stars on a clear night and discuss their life and dissolve in one another’s presence.

“Jane, your sapphire eyes spear me with more intensity than the moon,” Henry would say to Jane romantically every night. For many more weeks to come, they would spend every second together. Or else separating the couple would cause them much distress, and painful heartache.

Until a silent disturbance startled to crew on the ship dearly. It was early in the morning hours when a passenger reported seeing mammoth sized icebergs, in their path. Sadly it took mere hours before the ship crashed into one.

Jane and Henry were frantic to find one another amidst the chaos aboard. And time ticked by as the ship slowly descended and sunk to bottom of the sea. Despite their effortful trials, they were separated and were lucky enough to survive.

Years passed and Jane and Henry were both living in New York they never did meet up again.

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The song "Lean on Me" by Oh Land.

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