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June 7, 2011
By Ampersand GOLD, Mount Desert, Maine
Ampersand GOLD, Mount Desert, Maine
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I was sitting in my mother’s classroom, alone. I was reading a book, but not really reading it. It was just something to look at while I passed the time. My mother was due back in an hour, and I had nothing to do. Sighing, I turned the page.

Suddenly, the door opened. I looked up, smiling, assuming that it was a teacher looking for my mother to whom I would have to speak, but I was wrong. It was Alan who walked in and saw me smiling at him, and laughed.

“Hey Jessie. Why so happy?” he asked, amused, as he walked into the room. I laughed, too, and explained my reasoning to him as he sat down across the long table from me.

“I thought you were a teacher. I smile when I talk to teachers. It’s just something I do. So what’s up? What need requires you to come and bless me with your presence?”
He smiled and replied, “I only bless the lovely girls with my presence, milady, so consider yourself lucky. And to further answer your question, I am extremely bored and have nothing to do for....let’s hour now.” I nodded. “Me too. My mother is off doing something,” I said, leaning back in my chair. “Feel free to chill out here. I could use some company.” I winked at him. He smiled and brushed his hair out of his face.

“I think I’ll do just that. Want to play a game?” he asked. I leaned forward. “What game?” I asked back. He leaned forward too. “How about...Truth or Dare?” I grinned.

“You’re on.”
I gestured to him, and he began the game.

“Truth or Dare?” he asked me.


“Tell me your darkest secret.”
I shook my head, and replied. “I have none. I am a completely open book. Pick a different question.” He looked surprised for a moment, but obliged.

“Fine, then. Who do you currently have a crush on?”
When I hesitated, he waggled his eyebrows. “Oh, HO! It’s someone I know, isn’t it?! Haha! Okay, I’m going to guess. Luke.”

“Alan! He’s taken! You know that!”

“I was kidding. Um...Jacob?”






“Jesus, then who is it?”

“I’m not going to tell you...”

“You have to! It’s part of the game!”

“I’ll take the dare, then.”
He paused at that, thinking it over.

I just shook my head and looked away, which I figured gave enough mixed signals to confuse him.

“Fine. Your dare kiss me.”
I whipped my head back towards him.

“What????” I asked, half shouting.
He just grinned.

“You scared? Come on, you must’ve kissed a boy before, right?”
I looked down. He stopped laughing.

“Seriously? A pretty young thing like you has never had a kiss?” he asked, incredulously.
I blushed a little and looked up.

“Nope. Nobody’s stepped up to that plate yet,” I said with a little half-smile. He smiled sweetly back and leaned forward a little.

“Well, it’s not that hard,” he said, and he reached out and put his hand on the side of my face. His thumb caressed my cheek.

“Wow...” he said, “Your skin is really soft.” I smiled.

“Thanks,” I said quietly, almost breathless from his touch.

“You know, I wasn’t lying when I said you were lovely,” he said, equally as quiet. I opened my mouth slightly to reply, but he leaned forward all the way and kissed me. The moment his lips met mine, I saw fireworks. It was everything a first kiss was supposed to be, full of the moment and waves crashing and all that. Though I had limited experience, I could tell that he was a good kisser. I put my hand in his long hair and just went with it. I pulled away first, though my lips told me to stay there forever, and I looked at him and smiled. I couldn’t say anything, so I just smiled.

“There,” he said, grinning and leaning back in his chair, “Now you’ve been kissed.” Hearing him speak made me find my voice again.

“Y-yeah. Thanks for the lesson. But, uh, I’m still a little confused about some parts of it. Maybe you could explain it again?” I said flirtatiously. He laughed and stood up.

“No, no, I don’t want to overexert you. After all, I wouldn’t want the next lucky fellow to find that lovely pair of lips to feel like they were too used. I gotta go. I’ll see you later, gorgeous,” he said, still smiling and a little flushed. I stood up too and walked over to him, gently pulling him towards me and kissing his cheek.

“Seriously, thanks. It was wonderful,” I muttered into his ear. Then I let him go and he opened the door.

“And Alan?” I called out just as he was about to leave, “You guessed right. It was you.” He turned, confused, then realized what I was talking about and did a tiny victory dance before walking out.

The author's comments:
Still haven't been kissed yet, so in a bout of loneliness, I decided to write about what I wanted it to be like.

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on Jun. 24 2011 at 5:54 pm
LunaIsNotHere BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Loved it! I felt like crying :) Thanks for sharing!