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Time Demon

June 7, 2011
By LunaIsNotHere BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
LunaIsNotHere BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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"I admire the concept of selling your soul for the sake of an unforgettable performance"

To my first love, my only love, my TRUE love,

No matter what happens, I always seem to come running back into your arms. I will forever love you. No matter what I do to try and hide it, you get me every time. No guy compares. Fate brought us together, and fate drug us apart, but we left behind our hearts. The old you, the old me, we're living happily ever after in the past. Things will never be the same, things will never be the same. We grew up. I went my way, you're doing you're own thing. We grew to hate, to hate each other. We learned from the best. The world hated us. It was jealous. It ripped us apart and forced us to forget, but I didn't forget. I will forever love you. We're in the same room but we cease to acknowledge the presence of each other. All those memories. Those sweet, sweet memories. To this day they haunt my soul, gnaw at my flesh, and infect my heart. It's a time demon. At times it leaves darkness in my mind. Sometimes when I look in your eyes, I can see it. I can see it in your eyes. I want to save you but I can't. We're strangers, we no longer know each other, remember? Things were never supposed to be like this, but alas tis true. I will forever love you. <3


Carrie Elise Hughes <3

The author's comments:
True story, true feelings
Real people, real happenings

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