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Laughter: The Perfect Facade

July 21, 2011
By ninzies BRONZE, Porter Ranch, California
ninzies BRONZE, Porter Ranch, California
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I hadn’t really given much thought to how it was going to be to live in someplace, which was the complete opposite from where I live now. My life in Texas was practical: wake up every morning, go to the same school, with the same friends, return home, dine, take care of homework, and go back to sleep. On weekends I would go out to the movies with my friends, or just hang out. My best friend Tiffany lives near me. As a kid, I remember when we would go to the playground, play in the sand until twilight, and then lie on the grass and adore the stars. We still do that-except for the playing in the sand part.
I wasn’t really excited to move to Alaska. But, then again, it’s not like I didn’t want to go. I always loved the cold weather. My parents and I always used to go to snowy areas for Christmas. I would make a snowman everywhere I went, name it, and take a picture with it. I have fifteen pictures with them, but I don’t think that tradition would be kept.

It was Saturday; I woke up extremely early to the feel of the burning sun on my face and the annoying birds singing outside my window. I had slept really uncomfortably last night, because, well, I slept on a mattress. My furniture had been sent to our new home in Alaska and this would be my last day in Texas. I looked at the mirror and saw my reflection: my long, brown hair was tied in a bun, my skinny body stood still as I watched myself, my brown eyes looked tired and my makeup had smeared onto my cheeks.

“Jess! Please get ready, I need your help carrying the boxes out,” my mom spoke. My name was Jessica. Jessica Blake, but everyone called me Jess.
I never knew that after this Saturday, my life would flip upside down.

I walked slowly down the stairs, my hair in a messy bun, my stomach begging for coffee. I poured myself a cup and slouched on the floor, leaning against the wall. I didn’t realize until now how big my house really was, but that’s probably because it was so empty. After nearly finishing my coffee, I went to help my mom.
She was already dressed in jeans and a pink blouse, her red hair falling down to her shoulders.
“Oh great, you’re up! Please grab some of those boxes and take them outside. Then, if you want take the car and say goodbye to your friends,” she said. I didn’t understand how she could be so energetic in the morning. Is it even possible to be that energetic when you’re fully awake? I mean, yeah, I do love being hyper, but not as much as my mom. Ever since we started talking about moving, it’s like she’s this weird, creepy, smiling machine.
I carried a couple of light boxes and took them outside, walking towards the truck. As I was walking to the other side, I heard people yell “surprise!”.
I was in total awe. I never expected my friends to surprise me like this, but, I have to admit, Tiffany is pretty unpredictable.
“What are you guys doing here?” I asked.
“Well, I thought since you were leaving, we should have a goodbye party,” she replied smiling widely, showing off her shining teeth.
I gave her a huge hug.
-Thanks so much! I don’t know what I can possibly do without you. Do you think the people there are friendly? What if they don’t like me?
-C’mon Jess, Chill. That’s impossible. I guarantee you they will LOVE you!
Of course, I can always count on Tiffany to make me feel better.
The afternoon went by in a flash. We had a blast, but it had to end. The flight was going to be extremely boring, so I brought along some of my fashion magazines-can’t be bored with fashion!
When we landed in Alaska, I felt uneasy. I mean, it was going to be extremely tough starting a new life. New school, new friends, new house. But as soon as I stepped out of the airplane, I actually felt like I walked into a freezer. I know that might sound impossible, but you should have felt it. Cold was definitely an understatement.
There was slight snow on the floor, but it was definitely frozen, which means bad luck for klutz Jessica.
I slowly walked toward my luggage making sure I didn’t fall. As soon as my mom and I got our belongings, we sat in a taxi and drove to our new home.

“Jess. Jessica,” my mom whispered shoving my shoulder carefully.
I opened my eyes and I thought I was dreaming. We were in a highly rich neighborhood with huge houses. I felt like someone was trying to make me feel jealous. The house we stopped in front of was magnificent, the outside-unbelievably fascinating. I couldn’t even imagine just how the interior would look. So, of course, without thinking, I threw open the door and ran towards the house. But, I was not in Texas anymore, and the floor was slippery, so I fell flat on my behind.
“Ouch!” I exclaimed. To my horror, I caught the attention of a really cute guy. He was just leaving his house, which coincidentally seemed to be next door to my new house. So, he came towards me and helped me up.
-Thanks, im Jessica by the way.
“Nice to meet you Jessica, I’m Chris, Welcome to the neighborhood,” he said and then grinned so wide it made me feel self conscious, so I quickly took my hand away and kept it by my side.
-Yeah, well, I’ve got a lot of work to do, unpacking and such…
“Right, good luck,” he said, and slowly walked away.
I was staring at him as he was leaving, admiring his height, gorgeous smile, hazel eyes, and politeness, when he turned around and said. -
“Oh and Jessica, try to be careful, the ice can be dangerous,” gave me that precious smile, and flew away.
I quickly returned my gaze back to the house, stood up, wiped my hands, and carefully walked to my new heaven.
As I opened the French doors, the first things that caught my eyes were the never-ending beautiful stairs that went in circles and the shiny, granite floor. The ceiling was so high I was sure it was impossible to even be able to paint that tall…
I heard some rattling from inside and realized it was my mother.
“Mom,” I said to her in shock,” Why haven’t you told me the house was this massive and beautiful. I mean, why do we even need a house this huge for just the two of us? Don’t you think it’s just a little bit out of the ordinary?”
“Well, I’m glad you liked the house honey,” she retorted. The excitement in her voice was unbearable. “Plus, I just thought you could invite friends over, have parties or sleepovers. Remember you would always tell me that you wished for a big party house? Well, you’ve got it now. Now go choose a room and lets get started.”
“All right mom, thanks for considering me. Oh, and when does my school start and where is it?”
“Honey calm down, take one step at a time, first lets settle down, then well talk about your school, which by the way starts on Monday.”
With that cleared, I went to explore my new home. There were four rooms upstairs, so I had three left to decide from. The first room was facing the front yard. I could see the other houses and it didn’t seem like I would have privacy here. The second room was facing the backyard, which seemed too depressing for me. The last room was in the middle of the both, and most importantly had its own bathroom and a walk in closet. There was a window facing towards the front yard, but it seemed like the perfect room for me.

In my dreams, I was a kid and I was with Tiffany out at night. We were lying down on the grass when a shooting star flew above us. We both got excited and jumpy and quickly decided to make a wish. It was beautiful, yet unreachable. Like your dream flying by you but all you could do is watch it leave. When I finally decided what to wish…
“Jessica! Wake up sweetie, c’mon we have a lot of work to do,” my mother told me as she was trying to shake me awake.
I sat up straight, rubbing my eyes and groaning. I so was not planning on waking up early considering my mom woke me up in the middle of my dream.
“Yeah, all right mom I’ll get dressed and come down. Just give me a couple minutes all right?” I asked her patiently. I really wasn’t a morning person.
As she left my room, I stood up, grabbed my toiletries, and went to my new, own, restroom. I washed my face, brushed my hair and teeth, made a quick change of clothes and skidded downstairs.
“Mom, what could we possibly need to do that we needed to wake up so early?” I asked her amazed.
“Jessica, its not early, its 9:30, and we need to prepare you for your new school year. We have to go explore the malls, get supplies, and I wanted you to make some friends with our neighbors.”She said hyper.
I skipped upstairs to grab my purse and phone and decided to take a picture of my house and send it to Tiffany. This was totally out of our world, so she needed to see it as soon as possible.
My mom and I were walking to our car when I slipped on the ice and fell, once again. I could have sworn I heard a bone crack, and unfortunately felt it too.
My mom quickly ran to me and asked me in her worried tone if I was okay.
“Ouch! I don’t know mom, but this ice doesn’t really help being coordinated. I think I sprained my wrist or something, could you just get me some ice and a wrist wrap? I’ll be in the car.”
“Yes, of course! I’m right on it,” my mom said and hurriedly ran into the house. I went to the car and took my seat in the passenger seat. Not a minute later my mom returned with the wrap and ice.
“You know Jessica, I was actually thinking about walking to the mall to exercise, but that doesn’t seem like a good idea anymore,” she added, trying to tease me.
“Ha-ha, yeah mom, like I’m coordinated enough without the ice, imagine how I am with it,” I said laughing. Then, our journey began.

“How about this one Jess? I think this color looks splendid on you and it will keep you warm.” My mom told me handing me a jacket that I will never wear. This store wasn’t really my type. I was more into the whole sparkly, neon colored clothes phase, and this beige jacked was definitely not my type.
“Uhm, yeah, thanks mom I think I’ll pass on this one,” I retorted so quickly my mom glowered at me.
I mean, come on, which teenager nowadays wears what her mom picks out for her. I was definitely not in that category. We went to store after store, keeping the ice on my hand while my mom chose out hideous clothes for me.
I was about to give up when something pink caught my eye from under a pile. I quickly scurried near it, moved the other clothes off it and held it up. It was the absolute perfect for a first-day-at-a-new-school shirt. It was a pink off the shoulder top that went a little past my waist. It would look fantastic with my jeans. Finally the clothes were over!

My mom and I were walking to my car to return home when I saw that adorable guy, Chris again. When he saw me he left what he was doing and was suddenly on my side. “Hey Jessica, how have you been liking this little place so far?” he asked me. Too bad I wasn’t paying attention to him, well, because quite frankly I was staring at his face- again.
-“Uhm, Jess, you okay?” he asked.
- “What? Oh, yeah, I am. I don’t know really all I’ve been to still is the mall and let me tell you, so-not-my-type! Plus this floor-being-slippery kind of thing doesn’t really work for me, “ I told him holding up my wrist. He started laughing uncontrollably, but stopped when he saw me glower at him.
-“I’m sorry,” he said trying to hold back laughter, it’s just, I’m not used to people who aren’t used to this weather. So, when you keep on falling, I know it’s mean, but it’s amusing to me.” His face was serious now.
“Jessica, come on honey we should get going,” my mom yelled from the car.
“Kay mom, I’m coming,” I told her and returned my gaze back to Chris.
“Well, I guess I’ll see you around, “ I told him about to leave, when he stopped me in the middle of my tracks. “Yeah sure, but, since your new here and all, would you like a ride to school tomorrow? Plus, you would probably need a bit of help,” he explained looking at my hand.
“Right, right… that would be great, thanks Chris,” I said, waved at him, and went to my car. And the last I saw of him that day was the moment when he smiled at me.
Snapping back to reality, I carefully walked to the car. “Oo la la, who was that? My mom asked with curiosity.”
“He’s our neighbor, Chris. He’s really nice, he offered me a ride to school tomorrow,” I answered.
“Why that is very kind of him, but I would like to take you, don’t you think?” she said, obviously having the whole next day planned out in her mind.
“Mom, that really wont be necessary,” I said trying to sound persuasive, “ I promised him that it would be okay, plus, “ I added, “ he’s going to show me around and introduce me.”
“All right,” she sounded convinced, “ if that’s what you want.”
I arrived home and went to my pink laptop to check my mail from tiffany.
Hey Jess,
I totally don’t know what I am going to do without you I miss you so much! Tell me all about Alaska! How is your house? The girls? Any cute guys?! Reply soon!
Xoxo Tiff

Watsup Tiff,
OMG, I miss you so much too. I slipped and sprained my wrist- klutz. I’m starting school tomorrow, but I have this really cute neighbor, his name is Chris. And listen to this, he saw me fall… it was so embarrassing Tiff! Anyways, he helped me and asked me if I need a ride to school- and listen to this- he said he’s going to help me, because of my wrist. How’s everything back home?
Xoxo Jess
With that out of the way, I took a quick shower and went to bed early so that I can get enough sleep for the big day approaching.

Knock-knock. Knock-knock. My mom walks inside my room waking me up- “Jess you’re not ready yet? Your friend is downstairs…”
As I heard that, I quickly woke up, and without thinking replied, “ no way! I’ll be right there,” and I jumped out of bed.
“Whoa! Someone is excited for their first day of school,” she said closing the door on her way out.
Nice one mom- I thought.
I went straight to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, washed my face, put on a little bit of makeup, and combed my hair.
I skipped down the stairs and greeted Chris with a hug. “Hey, he said brilliantly, “ you look great, are you ready?” he asked getting my books.
“Thanks,” and we walked out to his car.
When we were on the road I asked him, “ so, how long have you been living here?”
Since I was born actually.
Wow! You must know everywhere and everyone then?
Yes, pretty much.
Is the school far away?
Ha-ha.. Nope. It’s really close… and…we are here
THIS is a school? My school? Our school?
My old school was the size of the parking lot. This place is just unbelievable. Everywhere is so gorgeous!
“Wow…” I keep repeating to myself, breathless.
As I am done fantasizing, I see Chris approach my door, open it for me, and hold out his hand. Anticipating, I grab it and step out of the car carefully. He reaches in for my bag and leads the way.

As I walk in, I can feel how everyone is so vigilant and quickly I start to feel uncomfortable. Chris, feeling my uneasiness, holds my hand and leads me to a group of jubilant teens.
“Guys,” he starts to speak, “ this is Jessica, she’s new here and she’s my neighbor.”
“Jessica, this is Jake, Tim, Ray, Jacob, and Mike,” he says looking into my eyes.
I quickly study each of them. Jake is a tall, handsome guy with light blue eyes and brown shaggy hair. Tim, on the other hand, is the complete opposite- short and stubby. Ray has beautiful hazel eyes and black hair with a built, masculine body. Jacob, who turns out to be Jake’s twin looks exactly like Jake. After analyzing everybody, I quietly introduce myself and wait for Chris to do the rest of the talking.

The rest of the day passed by slowly. I got to know Chris much better, and believe it or not, I like him- a lot. That might sound crazy, but he is just extremely incredible and irresistible.
Day after day Chris would pick me up and we would go to school together. After school, we would go to the movies, or to his house to study.
Now that I had met Chris I felt like I was on top of the world- flying. I felt like no one could hurt me or touch me or cause me damage or sadness, because I always had him near me. I thought this would all last a while, yet the unexpected occurred.

I woke up and gazed outside my window. The snow was as beautiful as it had been before. I had gotten used to this weather now, this place, and my new friends. This place was my new home and quite frankly, I loved it- especially because of Chris. I checked my phone and saw a text message from Chris saying he immediately needed me to go over to his house. So, I grabbed my coat and sprinted towards his home. I headed up the stairs and saw him sitting on his bed. From the look on his face, I could tell something was wrong.
“What is it?” I asked, afraid.
“Sit down Tiff,” he said looking down at his feet.
I do as I am told and I sit next to him. He takes my hand into his and still not looking into my eyes begins explaining. “ My sister is extremely sick, she needs to see a doctor. But the only way she could have a chance at survival is if we went to a certain hospital… but… it’s in Montréal. “
“So…. What are you trying to say?” I whisper fighting the tears back from my eyes.
“I’m moving.”
Those two words suddenly crushed me. All I have achieved in the six months I have been here, the friendship we had made, all over in just one instance. This place didn’t feel like home anymore. I suddenly had an urge to return back to Texas. I wish I had never moved here in the first place.
“You can’t,” I say stuttering, “ You can’t leave now… you’re the only one I have what am I supposed to do?”
“I have to go.” He says and stands up
This could not be happening. He is acting like he doesn’t care that he’s leaving his friends, his school, and even me.
I shut my eyes, stood up, and headed towards the door as the tears spilled from my eyes down my cheeks.
Now what do I do when the only person I actually really cared about is leaving me. What choice do I have left? I shouldn’t be selfish and understand his situation, but I am disappointed. Disappointed in how nonchalant he is, angry at his approach, and mad at myself for allowing myself to be vulnerable. I was still standing in the middle of his doorway, back faced towards him. This would be the last I would see of him, but I felt so betrayed I never wanted to return or see him again, so finally I gained the courage to step away and return home.
This was not the way I would want a story like this to end, but I am left no choice, because nothing seems to be in my hands. My friends want me to laugh, but laughter not only is a cure, it is also the perfect façade…

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