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Hello, this is fate.

January 2, 2012
By HappyCamper GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
HappyCamper GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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The more I think of you, the more I ache. The more I breathe in your scent, fresh off of your sweater, the more I miss you. The more I look at our picture, the more I wish it was taken today, like nothing was wrong.

I know I shouldn’t have left you there. You must’ve been unsure about how you felt. You could’ve caved into pressure. You could’ve been delusional. I know I should’ve talked some sense into you. I was just in shock; that’s all.

I held on to every detail of you. From our hand written notes, to our silly pictures, to our favorite bands’ cds. One day, you may come asking for all of this back. One day, I may need it again. One day, it may seem overdramatic if I just threw them away.

Here I am, I’ll stay here. I’ll wait for you to come back; riding on a horse. We’ll both apologize, and laugh because we didn’t need to. We’ll be passionate with our words. We’ll be romantic with our gestures. You’ll hold me and we’ll look up to the stars together.

Let’s do it again. Let’s be in love. I know I shouldn’t have left, I know it was stupid. So, just forget it even happened. I want to hear your heart beat in unison with mine. Let’s find a song to be our song. We can make it a song about lost lovers, torn apart and brought together by fate. Yes, that’s what this is, fate! I knew I wasn’t thinking clearly, this is just fate!

Hello? Can you hear me? I’m here, I’ll be here. If I ever leave, I’ll leave my heart out for you to see, that way you know I’m still here.

Hello? Where did you go? I’m still here.

I’ll always be here, my love.

The author's comments:
Denial from self-imposed heartbreak.

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