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Just One (1)

March 6, 2012
By Writing-Otaku GOLD, Spring, Texas
Writing-Otaku GOLD, Spring, Texas
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"If they think you're crazy they won't mess with you."

I groaned. Once again, Vaughn had managed to get me into a bad position. Like. Freaking.

Usual. "Let me go," I growled, struggling in his grip.

"Promise you won't do it again?" He replied, eyes narrowed at me, nose almost touching mine.

I glared back and bared my teeth at him - yes, a bit... animal, but it was a habit of mine

from fifth I've never fully broken. "You know my answer." I struggled a bit more, but he

pressed a thumb into my ribs, causing me to squirm more and suppress a squeal. "No!" I

nearly shouted, almost able to slip my hands out of his grip.

He tightened his grip, arm around my waist squeezing my sides uncomfortably. "Promise?" He

wasn't threatening me, but his arms certainly were. I couldn't think of anything except

that, and finally, with one last glare, I caved.


"Good." His grip loosened around my waist, and he released my hands completely. "Was that so

hard?" He sent me an annoyingly handsome and mischievious smirk, knowing how much I hated it

when he did that.

"Yes," I grumbled, glaring at him before shifting my eyes to the arm still draped around my

waist. "Do you *have* to keep your arm there?"

He chuckled and danced his fingers over my side, causing me to squirm in discomfort. "Yep.

To keep you from attacking me."

"You two lovebirds done yet?" Sean asked, peering over the edge of his seat. "I need Juliana

to review something for me."

I sent my glare at him, and could feel Vaughn next to me, trying not to laugh. "No way in

*heck* am I reviewing *anything* of yours after *that* comment!" I replied, trying to swat

at his face. I managed to land a good blow on his cheek, even though I hadn't really been

trying to hit him.

"Woah there!" Vaughn pulled me back, to keep me from harming the pervert any more.

Sean had pulled away, so that his head was as far from the top of the grey seat as possible.

"Keep your girlfriend under control!"

At that, I struggled even more, fueled by anger, and managed to break free of Vaughn's grip

just long enough to shoot forward and smack the back of Sean's head. I sat back down on my

own, feeling a bit better after getting to hit him. "Not. His. Girl. Friend." *Why can't you

guys just drop it?*

Sean glared at me, then to Vaughn. "Can I hit her?"

Vaughn replied with his own glare. "No; you deserved that."

I felt a vibration on the side of my leg, and looked to Vaughn. Damn, he was so good

looking... well, to me. All my friends said he was okay, at best. But... I don't know, he

was pretty attractive to me. "I think that's yours."

He snapped out of it, and used his free hand to take out his phone, though it would've been

easier to move the one around my waist. "Ah, Lily!" His face lit up, and I had to fight to

keep my face from falling. He texted one handed and sent the message to his girlfriend, all

the while making me wonder why he hadn't moved his arm from where it rested.

*Texting your girlfriend while keeping your arm around another. Aren't you just such a

freaking *genius*.* I thought to myself, feeling a bit crushed.

He kept his arm there for the rest of the bus ride home, even though people kept making

comments about it.

The author's comments:
Okay, it's not long enough to be considered a book, but it'll be several articles.
This is actually based off of what I'm going through now... I just need another outlet. And writing it out is killing two birds with one stone: I get to actually *write stories* and *get this out of my system*.
So... enjoy! ^-^

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