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The "L" word

May 14, 2012
By Baby.Boo PLATINUM, Casper, Wyoming
Baby.Boo PLATINUM, Casper, Wyoming
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      There he was, standing about fifteen feet away from me, the light gray sidewalk beneath his feet. The wind tousled his light blond hair into perfect imperfection. As he walked closer how baby blue eyes glistened in the sunlight. He flashed a big handsome smile and spoke softly, "Hello Nevaeh." 
       "Hey Jasper." I said sweetly with a big grin, my heart now beating rapidly and my stomach full of butterflies. Jasper passed, still smiling and proceeded into the high school. 
      "Nevaeh, Nevaeh! Snap out of it! Some of us on planet Earth would like to talk to you." Charisma laughed.
      "He is such an angel." I sighed, Jasper's voice echoing in my head. Charisma rolled her eyes. She was used to "listening" to me talk about Jasper. I couldn't help it; he was such an angel. And the way he says my name, it makes me melt. 
     Charisma began, "You really are pathetic, Your little exchanges here and there. Why don't you tell him how you feel? Go for it!" She laughed.
       "You know how I am about the "L" word with guys. And how bad of luck I have with relationships. Anyways if you listened to a word that came out of mine or anyone's mouth you would know it's not that simple. Sarah has her hands clutched so tight around his neck I have no clue how he's still alive. 'Jasper do this. Jasper do that.' "I could treat him so much better!" I complained. 
        The sun was a heat lamp beating on us from above. It warmed my pale skin. Charisma took a few steps, turned then sat on a concrete bench nearby. I plopped down beside her and sighed. Her boyfriend's truck pulled up and she looked at me questionably. They had lunch plans and he was here to get her.
       "Go." I replied. Charisma smiled and hugged me. She then jogged over to her boyfriend giving him a soft kiss. Then they drove off. It was lunch time, but I wasn't even hungry. I had way too much on my mind. Go for it? Oh Charisma that is easy for her to say; she is so beautiful. Then there is me. I mean I'm not ugly, but I'm not beautiful. I'm average. Average height, hair, smile, build. Just average. Guys don't want average. Especially not guys worth my time, like Jasper. He deserves someone beautiful.
       As I sat on that bench I went into my own fantasy world. There he was sitting beside me. Looking deeply into his eyes I said it. I said the one thing I never thought I could. I love you. "Navaeh?" A voice questioned, trying to get my attention. I jumped sky high. 
       "You scared me!" I laughed.
       "Sorry." He smiled apologetically.
       "It's ok I was just thinking." I muttered. By now the wind had began to blow slightly making the tree leaves whistle softly. He looked into my eyes locking my gaze. My heart pounded in my chest and my mind raced. 
     "I like you. Okay?" I blurted out. Standing up I continued, "Well I don't just like you, I..You...Why do you have to be so handsome? You just go around smiling at me with that handsome smile and awakening all those stupid butterflies in my stomach. Or the first time we met, when you were all shy and stuff. You drive me crazy! Jasper I Lo...." Someone cut me off. 
     "What do you think your doing?" The voice yelled. Mine and Jasper's attention turned to the voice. Sarah. Of all freaking people Sarah Hawk, Jasper's Ex-girlfriend! "He's mine!" She roared. 
      Jasper stared in disbelief. I walked calmly over to Sarah and smiled at her. "Is there a problem Hun?" I asked in a mock sweet voice. Before I knew it I felt a hard pound against my face. I just shook it off.
        "Nevaeh are you alright?" Jasper asked in a concerned tone.
        " Just peachy dear," I replied.
        " Your asking if she's ok?" Sarah asked angrily. Sarah pulled her fist back again. No way was I taking another one of those. Right as she forced her fist forward I stepped to the side. Sarah flew forward and fell on the ground. After laying there a little while she got up and walked off. Sitting back down on the bench taking Jasper's hands I smiled and looked deeply into his eyes. Next thing I knew he planted a soft kiss on my cheek. "Jasper..I lov.." Just as I was about to say it my phone rang. "For the love of cheese and crackers!" I exclaimed a bit annoyed. I ignored the call. Jasper was still laughing from my previous outburst. I laughed a little too. Once more I gazed deeply into his eyes. I felt a lump form in my throat. "SAY IT! SAY IT!" My mind shouted. "You can trust him." It continued.
     "Nevaeh, you always make my day so great. Everyone who's around you I'm sure can just feel your happiness." Jasper spoke softly. 
      "Thanks hun but I have to tell you something. Jasper I love you!" I admitted. Finally after so long, I said it. I told him.
       "Nevaeh I..."
       "Jasper." I cut him off. "Before you say anything, Please don't break my heart. I have loved you for so long. I just couldn't handle it. So if you don't love me, Forget I said anything...And..."
       "Nevaeh I LOVE YOU TOO! I love you now. I loved you a week ago. I will always love you!" He interrupted sounding mildly frustrated. I couldn't believe this was happening. Here sitting before me was the most amazing guy I have ever known, spilling his heart out to me. "Nevaeh your so beautiful. And I know you deserve some one who will treat you right. So I Jasper Kingston promise to treat you like the beautiful princess you are." He added.
      A tear fell off my cheek and a smile grew on my face. "Be my girlfriend?" He asked smiling. 
       "Of course! Anything for you my love." I laughed.
       So you see there may be no such thing as fairytales but I found my prince charming, and we are going to live happily ever after. 

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