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He Thinks I'm Beautiful

May 28, 2012
By DesDes1 GOLD, Twin Falls, Idaho
DesDes1 GOLD, Twin Falls, Idaho
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Waking up with my hair up, makeup off, his baggy shirt and shorts, and even stubble on my day old shaved legs, and his arms holding me tight. Most girls would be freaking out at this point going “oh my god he can’t see me like this!” but not me. I just laid there taking in this moment. I love that he knows me like this. I remember the first time he saw me like that 2 years ago… I sounded just like every other girl. We dated for 8 months already and I still always loved dressing up for him, but that night I wasn’t planning on even seeing him. My mom and I had gotten in a fight and it was worse than usual so I had to call him.
“She hit you!?”Erhon shouted through the other end of the phone.
I was sobbing so I stuttered while replying, “y-y-yes. There’s e-even a b-bruise.”
“Where is she now?” There was so much anger in his voice but so much love and concern as well.
“At a-a bar I think.”
“I’m coming over.”
My eyes got wide “Erhon no I look awful!” but the phone clicked and he was off the line. He would be here within ten minutes so there was no time to get ready. I’d let my hair down but it was all frizzy from rain. I at least washed my face but I had forgotten to buy more eyeliner and was out so makeup was out of the question. It takes me about fifteen minutes to shave my legs. Tonight is the night he’d see me completely bare. One of my biggest fears.

Sure enough twelve minutes rolled by and he was at my doorstep barging in. I started down the stairs to greet him still crying, but before I could apologize for my appearance he pulls me off the last two stairs into his arms holding me tighter than ever before. I didn’t fight it. His embrace felt amazing at that moment. I forgot about my mom yelling and slapping me. I forgot her leaving me here to get wasted at a random bar. Erhon lifted my head to stare at his emerald green eyes.
“Dusty I love you so much. She will never lay a hand on you ever again. I promise. You’re mine and you’re coming to live with me so I can take care of you. I love you”
As I stared at him I continued to cry. I was speechless. I looked down at myself and back at him and he knew exactly what I said.
“You’re beautiful. And I’d love waking up to you exactly like this. Please come live with me so no one can ever hurt you again. I promise I’ll take care of you…”

After that night he kept his word. He’s loved me and cared for me and calls me beautiful every morning even when I look like this. And as I lay here with him with our hands entangled I decide to myself ‘I’m marrying him.’

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