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Mysterious Love

June 4, 2012
By arichman40 PLATINUM, Basalt, Colorado
arichman40 PLATINUM, Basalt, Colorado
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“Ah!” the three of them shrieked.
The alien stood in the doorway, towaring over them.
“Why are we standing in the bedroom? Let’s get out of here!” Captin Hendry yelled.
“But the only way is out the window,” Dr. Carrington told him.
“Well, that’s a risk I’m willing to take,” Captin Hendry replied.
He flashed a smile at his lady love Nikki and she giggled.
“But first we must kill the alien,” Captin Hendry announced.
He pulled a knife from his pocket and charged towards the alien.
But as he was about to stab the alien, Nikki ran in front of him and stood, facing him, with a veryangery look on her face.
“Stop!” she cried. “Don’t you dare touch this poorcreateure!”
“But he’s dangerous,” Captin Hendry explained. “He killed our dogs! We can’t let him kill us. I’m sorry but he’s got to be put down.”
“Well, you can’t,” Nikki said.
“Why not?” Captin Hendry asked.
“Well bbecause I...bbecause I love him,” she replied nervously.
“You what!?” Captin Hendry cried. “Oh no. Oh no. Why are you doing this to me?”
He began to pace around the room, frustrated andangery.
“It’s a thing!” he exclaimed. “A thing that kills other things. This isn’t right.”
“I’m sorry. He thought I looked cute and I found him just as attractive,” Nikki replied. “I’m really sorry.”
Cough, cough. Dr. Carrington was standing in the corner of the bedroom coughing his lungs out as he smoked his cigarette.
“havee to stop smoking,” he said. “I’ll die of a heart attack or lung cancer if I don’t quit.”
“ But we’ve been smoking for forever,” Captin Hendry pointed out. “Why do you want to stop now? And right in the middle of the biggest crisis in my life!”
`”Bbecause I don’t want to be like everyone else living here in the 50’s. I want to make a difference and show people we can rise and fight the addiction of smoking!” Dr. Carrington exclaimed.
“Whoa! Okay,” Captin Hendry replied. “We all have our personal problems but right now, the one problem we all have is how do we kill that alien!?”
He turned to charge at the alien and saw Nikki and the alien getting cozy. She looked so happy but she was his lover. He needed her and the alien needed his own alien girlfriend. That’s what he was going to do!
An hour later, he hadreturnned.
“havee some news,” he announced.
“So do I,” Nikki replied. “The Carrot and I are getting married.”
As everyone shrieked with joy, Captin Hendry was upset.
“Noooooo!” he cried. “How could you? How could I lose you to a beast?”
“A beast who’s actually caring and is around unlike you,” Nikki shot back.
He sighed. “Love never lasts,” he whispered. “I guess all I can say is good luck and may you be blessed with happiness.”
“Done with smoking!” Dr. Carrington said.
He threw all his cigarettes in the trash.
“I’m starting a new life,” he told them.
“Well, all ends happy for everyone except me,” Captin Hendry sighed. “Oh well. There are new adventures everywhere.”

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