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593 Miles 10 Hours and 35 Minutes Away

June 6, 2012
By Samii_Maze PLATINUM, Franklin, Wisconsin
Samii_Maze PLATINUM, Franklin, Wisconsin
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I feel the breeze brush my face and the wind blowing though my hair I overlook the world blow me. I silently close my eyes to scent the fresh air flowing though my nose with arms is spread out open wide. As I feel a genital touch, I open them back up to find are hands together once again. I wrap my arms around him as he pulls me into his. I sigh and smile in relief feeling safe and warm gazing into is diamond eyes. I lean in to give him a kiss of his soft precious lips. But he stops me pushing his ring and middle finger together on my lips and whispers
“Wake up. Wake Up my love.” I look at him strange “What?” “WAKE UP!!!
My eyes shoot open and realize it was just a dream staring at my Alarm clock going off. Turning it off I think to myself…Why. Just why did that have to be a dream. Falling back into my pillow I shut my eyes trying to go back into that dream.

Meanwhile in Canada, Jacob is getting off his bus with his ear bus in his ears listing to their first song; Forsaken by Dream Theater. He walks to the mail box as he does every day waiting for is passport to finally be with Samantha; 539 miles 10 hours and 35 minutes away. Looking up he sees a monarch butterfly above the mailbox.
Smiling he places his hand on the door of the mail box he says “Hello little fella.”
The butterfly fly’s off as Jake opens the mail box. Bending down he reaches into the box looking for letters. But there isn’t any in there but a little black book. He pulls it out and flips it over. Reading them little golden letters he drops that little black books as tears fill his eyes. Kneeling down he picks it back up. And whispers to himself I’m coming home Sam. Trying to find his feet Jacob rises to his feet, keeping a strong grip that little black book, he runs home to make a call to Samantha and pack.
Just when I’m almost in deep sleep I hear my phone go off and hear Jacobs’s ringtone. I quickly reach for it. “Hello?” I said. Jake began to breath heavy.
“Jake, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” I asked him.
“It came. Sam It came.” he repeated.
“What came my love?”
With tears falling out of his eyes he says “My Passport. My passport came to…today”
Falling on my bedroom floor with a smile on my face as I started to tear up.
“Jake. I…I love you and I can’t believe this day has come.”
“I love you to Sam. And I can’t either my love. I’m packing up my cloths and coming down to finally is in your arms.
“Oh Jacob. I so happy and thrilled to hear them words. It has been too long.”
“Yes it has been babe. I really don’t want to let you go but I have to ok Sam. My mom just got home and I’m going to tell her the good news. I love you and I will text you when I’m on my way to have you in my arms. I love you Samantha.”
“I love you to Jacob. And I’ll be waiting for that text.”
“Ok. Goodbye my love.”
I hung up the phone and screamed “HES COMING HOME!” I got up and ran all around the house shouting that.

593 miles 10 hours and 35 minetes away Jake starts to count down them numbers. He has wanted to do that ever since he heard her sweet innocent voice on the phone. Aborting the plane to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jake sends me telling I’m on my way home. I get it and jumps up in joy bursting into tears. I run up stairs puts her iPod on my stereo to sing to all of our while try to find something to ware. I pick out her favorite outfit; green and black trip pants and an Insane Clown Posse band t-shirt; I do my hair ready and make up all done. Then I call up my sister to tell that Jake is on way down. My sister picks me up and drives me to the airport then drops me off. She tells to call her when I’m ready to get picked up. I walk in to the airport and get where his plane is going to be and set in the chair to I see my Canadian.

It’s now 12 o’clock at night and I must have dosed off. I look up and there isn’t a single soul in the airport. Wiping my eyes, stretching and having a huge yawn I cheek my phone to see if he texted me. He didn’t so I hope I didn’t miss his plan. I got up and walked up to the counter and seen if I missed his plane arrive. Right when I walked up I felt my phone vibrate in my had. I swiped my phone to unlock it and cheeked my message. It said…Turn around my Love.
I slowly turned around and seen a tall, young, beautiful, medium long blond hair with dark black shorts, a blue and black Insane Clown Posse hat and an green and purple riddle box shirt on standing across the way from me. I run towards him with my arms open crying in tears of happens as he runs to me.
“Oh my god Jake…JACOB! JACOB!” I scream.
We collide and fall to the ground wrapping our arms around each other. He tells me with tears falling down. “Your home safe and sound Sam.”
Sobbing on his shoulder I tell him “Yes. Yes I am Jake.
We slowly get up on to be feet. He takes his arms off my shoulders and places them on my wrist behind my back as we gaze into each other’s eyes. He closes his eyes and whispers “I love you Samantha.” I close my eyes but before I could tell him I love you back he leaned in to me and gave me a soft kiss. I open my eyes and he was still there so it wasn’t a dream. We look at each other with smiles on are face then we looks noticing we are not in the air port any more. We are in the sky flying high together in each other’s arms. He stares deep into my eyes and says “Where we heaed my love?”
I answered “I don’t care. Anywhere because this is all I ever dreamed of.”

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