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How could you

July 12, 2012
By selahoverrated GOLD, Mt Sidney, Virginia
selahoverrated GOLD, Mt Sidney, Virginia
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How could you. I gave you it all. You threw me away. I had wondered what those uncomfortable looks that were thrown at me by your self-proclaimed friends were about. How you barely looked at me, half smiled at my shaky jokes that November day. "You give love a bad name" is all that runs through my head as Bon Jovi reminds me YET again as I so failed to notice. All those beautiful drawings, the chocolates(cliche, yet effective in your case). Now I truly see the truth in those unseeing, unfeeling eyes. Funny I thought those blues were the shovel to my very heart. Well, once again, it seems you have changed your sights to the pretty cheerleader that has it all, sweet, and smart, from the shy band geek; a hopeless romantic. How gullible you must think I am. The lesser one. I had to fall for you, the cool cat of the school. My first real "boyfriend" if you can call it that. Sad thing is, you never cheated. I just had to watch as you flirted with other girls and slowly let our relationship fade like my fav red tee. The worst way to end a relationship. I held onto you, you can't even fathom the heartbreak I went through as you slowly slipped away. Why I fell for you I don't know. But enough of my ranting. I have figured out the remedy to win. Revenge is best served hot.

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