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Never forget/forget me

October 22, 2012
By JuliaRuby SILVER, Melbourne, Other
JuliaRuby SILVER, Melbourne, Other
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By Les Brown

"Dark and mysterious," I said. We were playing the WHAT'S MY TYPE game. Everyone laughed. But not him. He simply looked up and met my gaze. His slightly superior stare gave me chills. I giggled nervously, waiting for him to take his turn. "insecure and hot" he said after a pause. I cringed at his sexist comment, but said nothing. He again looked at me defiantly. As if daring me to say something.  "kind and protective" I said quickly before anyone could take their turn. "feisty and stubborn" he tossed back. Our eyes locked. "Honest." I said silently. All playfulness gone from the childish game. 
We sat on opposite sides of the circle. Yet his proximity still made my hands clammy and my heart race. 
The tension in the room was almost to thick to breathe in. Our other friends shifted awkwardly, trying to find something to do to break the unbearable silence; silence that spoke a billion words just to us. Me and him. 
We stayed like this for a painfully long half minute, our eyes boring into one another.  Until i suddenly said "I won't ever forget what you did." I spoke the words so softly that no one should've been able to hear. Yet I know he did. 
His stealy gaze faltered, giving me a fleeting glance at the boy I used to know. But just like that it was gone. The doors to his heart slammed shut, leaving me locked outside, and him inside with my key. 
He silently stood up, grabbed his coat and left, as he walked by me he whispered, "Forget me lissa, you can do much better". 
A tear slipped down my blushed cheek as he walked out of the room. As he walked out if my life. Just like that I never saw him again. 

The author's comments:
Totally fictional. But enough said I think. Comment your advice :)

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