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The Sound of Love

July 3, 2013
By just-another-url GOLD, Cannes, Other
just-another-url GOLD, Cannes, Other
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"It's a good thing to be strange. Normalness leads to sadness." -Philip Lester

If you were to ask Luna about the day she met the love of her life it would be easy to answer. She'd say she didn't believe in the whole institution until she experienced love at first sight herself, one night in May.

If you were to ask Zac about the day he met his soul mate he would immediately tell you May 20th, around eleven o'c*** when he was singing his seventh song.

Luna was reading when a steady hum and soft rhythm interrupted her concentration. A soft, timid voice was singing close by. Luna first chose to ignore the music. However it had a magical effect on the girl. The stranger's voice coursed through her body and left goose-bumps up and down her arms. Resigned, she put down her book halfheartedly (which was getting to the really good part) and crawled off her comfy bed.

Zac was freezing. The weather had been bad all week. Tonight though the temperature had dropped bellow the usual 55 degrees and was at a strong 40. That was pretty low for spring. But he kept singing, it was the reason he lived. For the music. Music was all he had, that and dreams he continually fed, nurtured and tended the delicate flames, so they wouldn't burn out. The night sky made up for the evening chill. The stars were so bright that to a sharp eye, if you knew what to look for, you could make out the biggest constellations. The moon was nearly full. It was Zac's only company. He had chosen this street corner because it spoke to him. He couldn't explain it better than that.

Luna opened her window and leaned out. Sure enough under her street lamp she could make out the lanky figure of a boy-man. His hair looked orange, his skin was extremely pale. He played an old guitar that was covered with water stains. His eyes were closed, his body swayed to the beat of the cords. The few people out walked by without even a second glance. The musician didn't seem to mind. He looked like he was in some sort of trance. Luna could tell he was a real artist. That he played for himself, not for money. He was no beggar. She propped up her elbows against the ledge and rested her head against her right hand. Closing her eyes as well, she absorbed the music. It had always held a kind of healing power. No matter what state the girl was in, no matter how depressed, sick, worried, tired, Luna felt, music made her whole again. She couldn't play any instruments and she was completely tone deaf but none of those things mattered. You could still enjoy a good song, a beautiful melody, a nice voice, and that was what she was doing.

Zac was so into the music. He moved from one song to the next without realizing. It was as if he'd lost control of his hands, they played by themselves. His mouth found the words needed without help from his glazed mind. He had become one with the music, a rare event even for him.

Luna was tempted to sneak another peek at the young musician. It had been years since any street performers had visited her neighborhood, much less her very own street. After all, this was New York City, there were much better places to go on Saturday nights. The big tourist locations if you wanted to scrap for a few coins, outside clubs if you were looking to get laid, or Central Park if you were just a hobo looking to crash for the night. This one didn't seem like the type to use his talent for money or to get girls and he was certainly to clean to be homeless. She opened her eyes reluctantly, that's how into it she was, and glanced down at him. If he were to look up he'd probably freak out. She must seem like some stalker or peeping tom. Because that's what listening to him playing felt like, intruding into his privacy. Like she was a kid listening to her parents talk about adult stuff when she should be in bed.

Zac was really getting cold. The only reason he'd chosen to go outside was to escape his mom's new boyfriend. His name was Cory and he was a real douche. So instead of getting pissed at the jerk, he'd grabbed his guitar and taken his own advice. It was better to wind down by beating out a rhythm than by beating a person. He was nearing the end of his song when he opened his eyes. He scanned the street, his gaze then rested on the moon. It was directly in front of him, like a watchful admirer. He looked down a bit more. That's when he saw her. His eyes locked onto hers. She didn't flinch away like most would or look down. Instead she held his gaze with a sort a fierceness, as if daring him to look away first. He didn't. Those eyes seemed to suck him in. He got lost in them. He was drowning. He was starving for more. He ate up her features. Olive skin, hair as black as night. Lips as pale as rose petals. But those eyes... They were a mystery. From afar he couldn't make out the color. The missing detail was made up by her high cheekbones and soft shoulders. In an instant Zac was no longer freezing. No, he was on fire, his blood running hot in his veins. He was certain that from that moment on, never again would he be the least bit cold.

Luna was still staring at the young man when his eyes, which were probably blue or green, met hers. She was ready to look away in embarrassment but in his gaze, she found comfort, longing, loneliness, acceptance. What was wrong with her ? It was just a brief exchange between a musician and his only public. Luna wasn't ready to let go though. She was too mesmerized. His song ended, the spell was broken. Before he got the chance to start a new tune she backed away from her window, took a deep breath and closed it. Her legs no longer had the strength to keep her upright. In under a second the girl sat collapsed on the floor, breathing heavily, like she'd run a marathon. She pushed her back against her wall and listened, searched for the music. Without it she could not breath.

Abruptly his Venus disappeared. Had she even been real ? Or was he dying of hypothermia and to compensate his mind had created a mirage ? For that's all she could be, a goddess. A miracle. An angel. He decided to play one last song. He could handle one more. It would not kill him. Nothing could kill him. He was Achilles. His only weakness was her. She would be the death of him, he was sure. So he poured his soul out to the beautiful creature in one song. He gave her the key to all he was, not even sure if she was able to hear. His mind was made up anyway. He'd come back. Every Saturday for the rest of his life or at least until she reappeared. Once she'd show up, he'd get her to come downstairs and find out what her name was. What she loved and hated. Her hopes, dreams, fears. He wanted to know it all. Each little secret, everything that made her who she was.

Luna felt overwhelmed by his next song which she had a feeling would be his last. For tonight or forever was the real question. It was so beautiful, so complex yet simple. Her mind was made up. Next Saturday she would wait by the lamp post. If he came again she'd admire the artist from a closer distance. For now she listened to the notes being played, to the words being sung. Her heart seemed torn between getting back up to watch or staying in the shadows. All too soon it was over, then nothing. She waited five minutes then ten. Finally after fifteen long horrible minutes Luna got up on shaky legs and peered down. The street was empty. She collapsed on her bed. The music still floating around in her mind, a soft voice putting her to sleep. She knew what her dreams would be made of tonight.

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on Nov. 20 2013 at 1:27 pm
just-another-url GOLD, Cannes, Other
16 articles 6 photos 151 comments

Favorite Quote:
"It's a good thing to be strange. Normalness leads to sadness." -Philip Lester

Thanks babe <3

on Jul. 13 2013 at 9:16 am
Loved this the first time you showed it to me, love it on my 3rd time reading it ♥