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My Imprinted Heart

December 10, 2008
By Bella PLATINUM, Belleville, Illinois
Bella PLATINUM, Belleville, Illinois
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"loving someone who doesn't love you is like worshiping the behind, of a wooden statue, of a hungry devil." -author unknown

“I can’t believe you’d have a child, then imprint on another woman!” my mother screeched. “I can’t control it and I’m so sorry.” Dad sighed. She put me back on the ground, but held me close. I was only five years old and I loved my dad, but I was a mirror image of my mother. My father was a werewolf and his new girl friend was someone I liked. “Sorry doesn’t cut it; Rose we’re leaving now.” She hissed. I reached for my dad’s arms, his eyes filled with pain, and he turned away. “Daddy!” I cried as mom dragged me away; his arms reached for me, but it was too late.

Every year after that I wrote a letter to my father, but my mother always ripped it up. I was now seventeen and I so much pain because I wanted to see my father. In such pain, that my father’s werewolf genes turned me to a werewolf myself. “I will not have a freak in my house; get out of my site!” she screamed. I burst from my cloths and ran out on four paws. I didn’t need to bring clothes because I found clothing that changed when I changed. I ran without looking back and laid under a tree. Sleeping peacefully I didn’t realize I was on a vampire’s land. There was a low hiss and my eyes opened. I was on my feet and looking around. My blue eyes could not find the source of the sound, so I turned human. “Who’s there; I smell you.” I growled. There was a small laugh and I started to run. I could hear someone following behind me, but my four legs were fast. I did not stop until I was exhausted. “How funny, I won’t get tired.” A voice hissed. I let out a warning growl. “Touchy, touchy, a lone little werewolf pup doesn’t scare me; I’m just curious because you’re a girl.” He replied. I turned back to human and he laughed. “Why are stalking me?” I snarled. “You smell really good for a werewolf and I like wolves; they taste good.” He taunted. I got up and ran on four paws. “I’m just as fast as you, but I’ll catch up when you sleep.” He called from next to me.

I ran all night until my paws ached and I collapsed on the ground. I was looking up to see my killers face when a chorus of growls erupted around me. I saw the corner of his head and a flash of yellow before he disappeared. A pack of wolves surrounded me and started leading me toward the town. “A stray werewolf girl, I wonder why I can hear her.” One asked. “My name is Rosalynn, my dad was second in command for a pack of werewolves; his name was Eric?” I thought. “You found the right pack, but you shouldn’t be a wolf?” he asked again. “Well, I am now lead me to my father.” I commanded. I turned to human form and sighed. The russet colored one snorted and the other two laughed. I was escorted to my father in a brisk walk. “Dad!” I cried as I ran toward him. “Rosey, is that you?” he asked as I nodded and he pulled me into a tight hug. “I can’t go back home dad; she won’t take me back.” I sobbed. Behind me a boy spoke. “She’s a werewolf, Eric.” The boy spoke. “No, she isn’t!” my father grimaced. I turned in a wolf and back. “My little girl has changed; I am so glad to have you in our pack.” My father smiled. “I know, dad, and I’ve missed you too much.” I beamed. “Me too.” He sighed. After our reunion I got to know the pack. The alpha was Jared; he was the russet colored wolf. Next is Chris; he is a tan wolf. Sam is a brown wolf and Ben is a cream colored wolf. I was the different werewolf in human form and wolf form; strait brown hair in human form and grey hair in wolf form. They all had black eyes, but I had blue eyes. “Rosalynn, do you remember Alice?” my father called and I nodded. “Rose, I’ve missed you.” She blushed and I ran to hug her. I had always wished she were my real mom. “I’ve missed you too, Alice.” I answered. Behind me Jared snorted and the rest of the pack laughed. I ignored them and smiled at Alice. The pack is my family now; they are my brothers and I their sister.

I had finally gotten settled into new habits of patrol because of my little vampire friend, when Ben reported that the leech was trying to find his way in. I raced toward were he was and I heard footsteps of the others coming to Ben’s aid. I was just about to leap when the bloodsucker’s eyes met mine. Everything that held me down disappeared because he held me there now. “Rosalynn, he’s a freaking leech!” Jared pointed out, but I could not look away from his topaz eyes that held mine. “I’ve been trying to get threw your body guard to apologize.” He smiled. I took a small step forward toward my “supposed” enemy. In the minds of the other wolves he smelled awful, but to me he didn’t. “She’s going to get herself killed; at least after he kills her we can kill the leech.” Someone behind me whispered in his mind. I drop the vampire’s gaze and growled at the brown wolf. I turned back to his topaz eyes and his perfect lips were curved up in a smile. I took another step and he held out his hand. I turned human and placed my hand in his. “Sorry, they aren’t my body guards, I’m part of this pack.” I beamed. “Would you accept my apology?” he asked and I nodded. “Thank-you miss, my name is Jesse.” He informed. “My name is Rosalynn.” I answered. His hand felt cold in mine, but I liked it. We stared into each other’s eyes for a moment until there was a painful whimper behind us. “They want to go and they aren’t going to leave without me.” I sighed painfully. “Go before their noses start bleeding, I imagine I don’t smell to good to them; will I see you again?” he asked and his eyes pleaded. All I could do is nod, but I knew I’d have to sneak out. I gave him one last smile before I turned around and changed back to a wolf. I ignored their thoughts and ran back home. I changed back at home and I waited for the others to gain up on me. I had made them some of the clothes that didn’t rip when you transformed, but that transformed with you. “What the heck was that Rosalynn?” Jared yelled. We were outside my house and my dad came out. “I can’t control who I imprint on, Jared!” I snapped. “She imprinted?” my dad asked. “Yes, why don’t you tell him what you imprinted on?” Jared growled and my father’s gazed landed on me. “His name is Jesse and he’s a vampire.” I whispered as I looked down. “Jared, if my daughter has imprinted then you need to trust her judgment, not yours because it would hurt the whole pack if you kill him.” My father said calmly. I looked up and was about to ask what he meant, but my eyes landed on Jared’s face. His face was distorted by sorrow and lost. “Jared, please, let me see him again; that’s all I ask of you.” I pleaded. “Sure why not; go love your leech, but I don’t care if I see you again.” He snapped as he turned and changed. I changed and followed him. In my mind I saw his thoughts. I saw myself in his eyes as he tried to understand me. Something clicked together in my own head. “You were hoping to imprint on me?” I whispered lightly. “Yes, look I’m sorry I yelled, but do you really love him?” he sighed. “Yes, more than I could ever love someone else.” I admitted. “Then I won’t yell or scream, you can see him whenever.” His thoughts were kind and I grinned. “You will always be my favorite brother, but then again if they heard that you’re all my favorite brothers.” I teased. “You’re still my favorite sister.” He beamed. I turned and ran back to where I knew I would see him.

“Jesse, where are you?” I asked in my human form. “Up here!” he called. I looked up to see him on the edge of branch in the tree. I was reaching toward a branch to climb up when he was suddenly behind me. “Let me help, I don’t want you falling out of a tree.” He sighed and I nodded. He grabbed me and slung me over his shoulder. Then he climbed up the tree, well ran up the tree is more accurate, and placed me on the branch. I gasped at the view, and then smiled at Jesse. “In the others’ mind you smell like bleach, but to me you don’t; is it the same with you?” I breathed. “You smell different then the others, kind of like cinnamon rather then wet dog.” He beamed. “I wonder why that is?” I pondered aloud. “Maybe it’s because of the connection between us.” He offered. “In our pack, we call that connection imprinting and it’s kind of rare.” I informed. “The russet colored wolf looked kind of mad when your eyes met mine, was he mad because I’m a vampire?” Jesse whispered. “Yes and no; he wanted to imprint on me.” I sighed. “You would be better off imprinting on him.” He muttered. “Don’t say that, he’s like my brother and I love you!” I hissed. “You really don’t care that we’re mortal enemies?” he asked. “ I wouldn’t care if you drank human blood, but you don’t and your personality is all I care about.” I explained and he surprised me. He turned and wrapped his arms around me. “You are the most wonderful being I’ve ever met.” He laughed and I leaned into him. “I get that from my dad.” I teased. When we sat together on that branch I realized something. I was finally whole because he is my other half. Something else occurred to me while sitting there, it would be real easy from him to kill me if he decided to, but I knew he never would even think that.

“Would you like to meet my family?” he asked. “Um, sure, but would they be okay with the whole mortal enemies thing?” I pointed out. “Bella and Zachary are fine with that part; they’re my brother and sister.” He explained. “Then, I’d love to meet them.” I beamed. He scooped me up in his arms and jumped down from the tree. I expected him to put me down, but he started to run and I laughed. When he stopped he gently put me down and I stood closer to him. I wasn’t afraid of going into the house of vampires, but that they aren’t going to like me. The place we stopped was a beautiful home. “Claire, Zachary, are you guys home?” he asked when we walked inside. Standing in the doorway I saw a female and a male staring at me. “Jesse, a little warning before you bring the pup home.” The male that could only be Zachary sighed and Claire hissed at him. Jesse stiffened beside me. “Hello, Rosalynn, please, pardon my husband’s manners; we’re glad to finally meet you.” She beamed. “It’s nice to meet you too.” I blushed and next to me, Jesse relaxed. “Sorry Rose, I am really glad to meet you too.” Zachary grinned. I smiled at him and his grin grew. “Claire has a talent to predict the future, just like I can see threw another person’s eyes.” Zachary informed. “Really, I can play the flute.” I laughed. “Don’t worry, Rose, I can’t do anything either.” Jesse teased. “Well, truthfully, you both have a weird talent.” Claire pointed out and we stared at her. “You can love eachother without conflict or the wet dog smell; sorry, but when you’re together you smell good.” She smiled apologetically. “I would take that over anything.” Jesse blurted. “So would I; it would really suck if we were always trying to kill eachother.” I agreed and there was a pause. “You know I’ve never seen a werewolf with blue eyes.” Claire announced. “My mother wasn’t part of the tribe and I look exactly like her, but my dad was in the tribe.” I explained. “So you got your wolf traits from your dad.” Zachary pondered and I nodded. “I like werewolves now, they’re so cool.” Zachary teased. “Zachary, did you use your talent on our new friend!” Claire scowled. “I don’t mind, and vampires are cool, well, at least you guys are.” I laughed. “Well, it’s time for me to return you home before they send out a search party.” Jesse frowned and grabbed my hand. “Wait, Claire will I get to see you guys again?” I asked and she closed her eyes. “Yep, tomorrow.” She laughed and we all joined in. “then, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow!” I called as Jesse walked me out the door.

“They like you too.” He smiled. “I know; I wish you could meet my family, but they really hate vampires.” I frowned. He stopped and turned to me. I looked up into his eyes and smiled. “I love you, Rose, and I wish I could be a werewolf too.” He sighed. “I love you too, but I love you the way you are.” I corrected. “Really?” he asked as he pulled me closer. I could see the humor in his eyes. “Ye…” I started, but broke off when his lips met mine. We stood there for a moment then we broke off. “You are my world now.” he whispered against my lips and then he kissed my forehead softly. I leaned up to kiss his forehead and then I wrapped my arms around him. His arms automatically wrapped around me and held me close. “Your pack is coming.” He sighed. “I wish I didn’t have to leave.” I frowned. “Maybe someday you won’t have to.” He stated and kissed me one last time. “See you tomorrow!” I called to him as he disappeared and then I changed to my wolf form. “You don’t have to send body guards.” I thought. “Sorry, we were worried about you.” Chris called. “Yah, we missed our little sister.” Sam teased. “I missed you too, you little brats.” I laughed. “I’m not a brat.” Ben whimpered. “Oh, Ben, you know you are!” I snorted and we laughed. “Rosalynn, welcome home.” Jared called. “Jared, thank-you for understanding.” I sighed and everyone, but Jared and I groaned. “You like her, Jared!” Sam teased. “Sam, don’t you like Stacey?” he growled. After that Sam was quiet and we walked back home in human form. “You got to meet his family, when do we get to meet him?” Jared asked. “Oh, yah, well I thought you wouldn’t be okay with that.” I rushed. “You hurt my feelings, just kidding, he’s apart of our family now, so we might as well meet eachother.” He grimaced. I ran over and gave him a small hug. “You are the best brother a girl could have!” I laughed. “Can’t breathe!” he teased. We walked home in silence and my dad was thrilled to hear the news. I went to bed filled with happiness.

In the morning I broke the good news to Jesse. He picked me up and twirled me around. “We can be together forever if this works.” He smiled. “Either way I’ll stay by your side.” I reminded him. “I know, but I want you to stay with your family.” He admitted, but he kissed me before I could respond. “That’s not fair when you do that.” I teased. “What kissing you is unfair?” he beamed. “No, you kissing me when…” but I got cut off again as he kissed me. “I give up!” I laughed and then I kissed him. “I didn’t need to see that!” Zachary called. “Claire, Zachary!” I grinned. Jesse wrapped his arms around me, trapping me close to him. “Rose, we saw the good news!” Claire laughed. “Jess, are you okay going to meet a bunch of wolves by yourself?” Zach teased. “If anything goes wrong I’ll defend him with tooth and claw, but our alpha had this plan so nothing’s going to happen.” I smirked. “I’ll survive and I like werewolves.” He said as he held me tighter. “I do too, so don’t mess this up.” Zachary said as he looked at me. I knew he like me as a little sister. “Zachary, if anyone is going to mess this up it’ll be you and your big mouth.” Jesse taunted and let go of me. “Oh, dear a sissy vampire is picking on me; come taste my skills.” Zachary hissed. “Claire watch Rose so she doesn’t get hurt while I teach your husband manners.” Jesse ordered. Claire chuckled and pulled me across the clearing to watch. “Do they always pick on eachother?” I laughed. “Yeah, but Zach’s been teasing Jesse for his lovey-dovey nonsense when he’s around you.” She explained. I watched Zachary lung at Jesse and miss. “Zach’s fast, but Jesse’s faster.” She followed my gaze. “Rose, watch me and I’ll show you how a real vampire fights.” Zach called. He didn’t see Jesse pounce and got pinned down. “Don’t listen to him, he’s always wrong!” Jesse flashed a smile and unpinned Zachary. “I am right sometimes!” he smiled. Jesse appeared at my side in a split second. “You’re really good at fighting.” I commented and Zachary frowned, “you’re good too.” “About time someone recognizes my talents.” Zachary muttered while grinning at Claire. She walked gracefully over to him and they kissed. Jesse pulled me into a hug and we watched Claire fight against Zachary. Zachary raced at Clair, but she moved out of the way before he came close. She jumped and landed on his back with her teeth at his throat. “I always win.” She smiled as she kissed his throat. “Would you like to try?” Jesse whispered in my ear and I nodded. “Zachary, let’s see if my girlfriend can kick your butt too.” He teased. “You’re on pup.” He grinned at me and I gulped. “Don’t worry he won’t hurt you.” Jesse breathed only to me. I took my place in the clearing and Zachary lunged. I dodged and transformed into a wolf. “Just having fun, in no danger.” I thought to my brothers. “You will always be the crazy one.” Jared responded. Zachary came back running at full speed and I leaped up. I landed on his back my teeth at his throat. I turned back while still on his back. “You’ll win someday.” I whispered in his ear. I jumped down and ran to Jesse. “See that was nothing!” Jesse smiled. “Clair, will you fight me?” Zachary asked and she nodded. “How about girls against the guys?” I suggested and they nodded.

I took my place next to Claire and faced the other two. The boys lunged and I dodged effortlessly. “Is that all you got?” I asked Jesse. “You wish.” He smirked. He ran around me until he was a little blurry, then I jumped up when he leaped. I landed on top of him, but he threw me off. Next thing I knew he had his arms around me and was kissing my throat. “Cheater!” I laughed. In the clearing Zachary had Claire in the same hold. “What was that early about you always winning?” he purred. “You always win.” She laughed. We sat in the clearing for a while thinking. “That was fun, lets do that again sometime.” I yawned. “You must be tired.” He whispered. “A little, but I don’t want to leave.” I answered. “Come on sleepy head, I’m taking you home.” He grinned and he cradled me in his arms. As he ran I fell asleep in his arms. “Wake-up, Rose, you need to go home.” Jesse ordered. “I think she’s exhausted, why don’t you carry her home.” Jared called. Why were Jared and Jesse together? “Okay, is it if I stay; I don’t want her to freak out.” Jesse answered and Jared nodded. Last thing I was aware of was, his cold arms around me.

I woke up in the morning and smiled when I saw him. “You’re very peaceful when you sleep.” He sighed. “I would say the same, but you can’t sleep.” I smiled. “Well, everyone approves of us and you slept threw it all.” He announced. “Really, we can be together?” I gasped and he nodded. I threw my arms around him and he kissed me. “Let’s go get some breakfast, I believe Claire is making something.” He grinned. “Okay.” I beamed. He slung me over his shoulder and ran out into the forest. “Rose, do you like pancakes?” Claire asked and I nodded. I ate and their eyes followed my every movement. “I think I need to go help my pack, but I’ll come back later.” I frowned. “Come back for dinner and you can have a sleep over with Claire while we hunt.” Jesse agreed and I nodded. I turned to a wolf and ran toward my awaiting pack. “I’m sorry I’ve left.” I apologized. “It’s okay, we want you to be happy.” They all responded at once. “What does that mean?” I thought. “It means you don’t have to worry about the tribe, go follow your heart and we’ll call if we need help.” Jared sighed. “You guys don’t want me?” I grimaced. “Of course we want you sis, but go enjoy your life.” Jared grinned. “I love you, brothers.” I smiled. “We love you too, sister.” Chris grinned. I did a few laps on the border and got ready for dinner. I wore a long red dress and curled my hair. I grabbed some stuff to bring over. There was a knock on the door and I threw it open. He smiled at me, and then kissed the top of my head. “Rosalynn have fun.” My father called. Jesse scooped me up and ran to his house. “You look stunning, Rose.” He complemented. “Thanks, you look amazing.” I admitted. We walked inside and I saw the other two slaying away in the kitchen. “Are you making them cook?” I asked. “They love cooking, but there’s nobody to cook for until now.” He laughed. “Dinner will be ready in ten minutes, why don’t you get her stuff set up?” Claire called. He scooped me up again and ran up stairs. “This is my room, but since I don’t sleep, you can use it.” He joked. “I’ll share.” I beamed. He made the bed and I put my bag in the closet. “That’s a pretty color on the wall.” I blurted. His walls were green like the outside. “Dinner’s ready!” Zachary called just when Jesse was going to answer. We walked down stares and sat down. “Thank-you for making this, Claire, Zachary.” I smiled. They made chicken with some rice and asparagus. Once I had eaten everything I noticed the others left. “Jesse, were did they…” I started, but he stopped me. “Please promise not to laugh, but Rosalynn, will you marry me?” he asked and I froze. “Yes!” I squeaked. In the other room I heard laughter, but there was additional laughter than normal. Jesse walked me in and my pack was in the room too. “Surprise, Rose, we came to wish you good luck and that you have happy days.” Jared grinned. I ran and hugged each person. “You guys are the best.” I called to everybody. “Your father sent his blessings too.” Sam informed and I nodded. When everyone left I went up stairs and laid down on the bed. “Good night and sweet dreams.” Jesse whispered. I fell asleep in his arms. We planned the wedding, which is in a week, and made invitations.

“You look beautiful.” Claire called as she was adjusting the dress. “I can’t believe I’m going to be Mrs. Lupus in just a few minutes.” I whispered. Lupus was Jesse last name. “Yeah, it’s really funny because Lupus in Greek means wolf.” Claire informed. “That’s weird.” I smiled. She put on her brides’ maid dress and Alice was already in hers. “Okay, we’re on.” Alice announced and I hear music in the background. My father stepped up to me and escorted me down the aisle. The Lupus’s backyard was covered with white and red roses. There was also a chain decorated with bows and ribbons lining the aisle. Jesse looked remarkable in black. The preacher prattled on and I almost kissed Jesse before he said, "you may kiss the bride." “Before I join these two does anyone object?” the preacher asked. “Yes, I do; Rose you’re just going to break his heart when you freaking imprint on his best friend!” a familiar voice shouted. “Mother!” I gasped. “I’m taking you home so you can’t hurt that poor man.” She snapped. “I imprinted on him mom, and I don’t want to live with you!” I growled. “I don’t care young lady!” she snarled as she grabbed my arm and tried to move me. “Don’t you understand, I have always disliked you; I like father more.” I admitted and her eyes filled with sorrow. “Go home and leave us alone; you’ve just ruined my wedding.” I burst into tears as I ran into the house.

Jesse followed me, but stopped to glare at my mother. “Rosey, it’s okay.” He whispered as he held me against his chest. “She…had to come…today.” I sobbed and he stroked my hair. “Let’s go back outside and finish this; then I’ll take you to a little waterfall I found.” He reasoned and I nodded. He walked me back and we finished the wedding. He kept his promised and took me to the waterfall. My immortal friends came too, along with Alice and my dad. My mom left, after cursing at my father. “Hello, Mrs. Lupus.” He laughed as we swayed back and forth. “We made it; a vampire and a werewolf got married.” I smiled. “The beginning of change.” He added. “You own my imprinted heart.” I beamed. “You own mine too.” He smiled. He leaned down, I froze were I stood, and we kissed. Our lives intertwined with fate and romance.

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Bella PLATINUM said...
on Nov. 16 2017 at 1:15 am
Bella PLATINUM, Belleville, Illinois
20 articles 3 photos 8 comments

Favorite Quote:
"loving someone who doesn't love you is like worshiping the behind, of a wooden statue, of a hungry devil." -author unknown

I've been writing for nearly 10 years now, and somewhere in the last 4 years I stopped sharing it because I never thought I was good enough. Seeing this comment on something from my early days, it means a lot. Thank-you.

on Sep. 7 2016 at 11:27 pm
gSOYOUNGg0 BRONZE, Compton, California
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I really liked the story.This time is werewolf and vampire getting married.Her mother should have encouraged her and been there for her instead of judging her because she was a werewolf. Maybe her mother had that against her.You have talent!Keep writing!