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the wish

December 1, 2008
By Anonymous

Once there was girl named Madison. Madison lived on the beach and she was 19 years old. She loved her family very much and was good to them. Madison lived with her boyfriend Eric who was 20 years old. It was hard for Madison because her family and her boyfriend did not get along and she loved him very much though. She wished Eric and her family would get along. Madison knew that it would never happen so she forgot about it and she went on with her life. Madison just wished some miracle would come and her parents would be best friends with her boyfriend. Madison was frustrated and her boyfriend Eric loved Madison but he did not like her family. Madison never told Eric that she wished he could get along with her family. Because Madison was scared that if she told him she would never see him again. Eric was nice, smart, and funny she did not know what her family didn’t like about him. Madison’s parents were her best friends. Sometimes her parents went a little too crazy. Like the second time they went on a date her dad went with them. That’s ok but the part that was bad about that was he did not want it to be a secret he sat at the table and ate dinner with them. It was scary and Eric asked who that weird man is? Madison told Eric it was her father. Eric told Madison he needed to talk to her alone so they went outside and Eric said why is your dad on this date? Madison said he wanted to come along. Eric said well I want alone time with you. So they had dinner and then Madison and Eric went home and she said that was a nice dinner. The next day Madison woke up very early and felt very sick. Madison ran to the bathroom and throw up. She did that for hours and finally Eric called the doctor. Madison went to the doctors and the doctor told her she was pregnant. She told Eric she was pregnant and Eric passed out. He was not awake for one hour. When he finally woke up he did not remember a thing. She had to take him everywhere and show him everybody before he remembered. Eric finally remembered everyone and he remembered Madison was pregnant. Eric was shocked and surprised at the same time. Madison did not want to be a parent so young and she was so scared to tell her mom and dad. Madison’s parents were happy for her. Madison was getting ready for the baby to come. Eric was trying to get use to the idea of having a kid. One day Madison knew something was wrong with Eric. He was looking at her with a weird face. He said I have some bad news. Madison’s face suddenly turned from a smile to a frown. When the tested you too see if you were having a baby they found something wrong with the baby. What Madison said with a terrifying look on her face what’s wrong with our baby? He told her the doctor would not tell me. So Madison went to the doctors and asked what is wrong with our baby? The doctor told her it was nothing serious but I don’t think Eric is the father. Madison asked why do you think that? Well you might want to wait and have the baby and then test its DNA with the guys you dated in high school. Madison said okay I will do that. Madison did not tell Eric anything and she waited in till she was ready to tell him. She had one week in till the baby was born. She would have to come up to him and tell him he might not be the dad of the baby. But Madison thought he might get mad and storm out the door. She had that happen to a boy named Jacob she told him she found a boy named Eric and he stormed out the and her and Eric have been together ever since. Now she was thinking it might be over for good. She really did not want another Jacob mistake. So it was the due date of the baby and she was ready. Madison and Eric had twins named Riley and Ryan. They tested the DNA of the twins and then they tested all the guys Madison dated and the twins father is Eric. They went home with the twins. In one year things were going great Madison, Eric, and the twins were doing great every once in a while her parents would come and visit them of course Eric stayed upstairs but it was almost one big happy family. It was the wish she had ever had granted!!!!!

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DJAlyss GOLD said...
on Jan. 3 2019 at 10:06 pm
DJAlyss GOLD, El,paso, Texas
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I loved it! Grammar needs correcting :/ but, overall amazing!

Trucksy said...
on Sep. 29 2009 at 3:34 pm
i think the story was good but the way i was written wasn't very good. what you did was state facts over and over again but what you should do is try and make the style more interesting and put in more description.